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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part2)

Season 1 (continued)

Childhood's End

A mysterious malfunction leads the team to a society where everyone us young and when
reaching 25 years of age the people take their own lives in the belief that the sacrifice is
helping to keep the Wraith away. Given leave to repair the jumper the team struggle with
the desire to prove Ancient technology is the reason the kids are safe not the sacrifice but
when McKay removes the ZPM the Wraith are on their way.
This episode was a little too cliched for my liking although nice to see Courtenay J Stevens
who has appeared in SG1.

Poisoning the Well

On the planet of Hoff the people continuously rebuild their society after a Wraith culling
thanks to depositories of knowledge carefully hidden along with the secret of a compound
believed when developed to make them immune to the being harvested by the Wraith. Carson
adds his expertise to the research and the drug is created and tested but has a worrying result
which could make this world a prime target for destruction not feeding.
This was a good episode, some nice twists and turns coupled with ethical issues.

A peaceful agricultural community hides a dark secret.
This is the episode we meet the Genii who play a major part in the early adventures in the
Pegasus galaxy as well as giving us two excellent protagonists in the shape of
Cowen (Colm Meaney) and the yet unseen Kolya.

A huge energy field surrounds a Stargate on a dark and dank world.
McKay believes the gate can tap this energy and once setup be able to dial an Eight symbol
address and connect to the gate on Earth. This is achieved and a number of Atlantis personnel
return to home but something is not quite right.
This was a very imaginative episode and great to see some familiar faces from SG1.

The Storm
A huge hurricane/cyclone is heading towards Atlantis which has no shield protection but a crazy
idea using the lightening is used as an excuse to get 99% of the people out of the city and
leave a token few onboard who then have to defend the city from an incursion by the Genii led
by koyla (Robert Davi).
A cracking episode combining a good story, lots of action and tense situations.

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