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Monday, 23 April 2012

Star Trek TNG XXX Parody

Well what can I say, I had a voucher burning a hole in my pocket and there really wasn't a lot I wanted so I browsed the adult section and hey presto the latest trek porn parody. Huge fan of Bobbi Starr and Dana Dearmond so I ordered it, shame there wasn't a Blu-ray.
Yes I refrained from including some of the more risqué scenes but come on Picard and his flute:)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

German Blu-ray

With the unexpected cancellation of Farscape at the end of it's fourth year fans were left high and dry with the "deaths" of Aeryn and John right after the magical moment when they become engaged and celebrate the pregnancy. What made it worse was the "to be continued" which in itself can got your back up but the cancellation was brutal and Syfy (Scifi at the time) should have been ashamed but redemption was around the corner as in association with Hallmark and Henson a tv/dvd movie was put into production.
The result was The Peacekeeper Wars which pretty much took the proposed 5th season arc and trimmed it down to it's essentials for a 3 hour event which covered the long promised conflict between the Scarran Empire and Peacekeepers. 

The war is not going well for the Peacekeepers who are out manned and gunned and have lost every battle against the Scarran fleets but when John and Aeryn are revived the pesky Harvey is also reborn and Scorpius knows once again that the promise of Wormhole weaponry is within his grasp and it is perhaps that is the only weapon that could tip the balance.

The crew of Moya discover the descendants of the Eidelons on the waterworld where Moya was recuperating and with fresh blood there is hope that the fabled bringers of peace can once again influence the galaxy away from the upcoming bloodbath. Alas both the Scarran Emperor and Scorpius have their own plans and the current Eidelons and their forebears from 12000 cycles ago suffer a terrible fate but hope is not lost.
Ultimately reason and common sense fail to convince the Peacekeepers and Scarrans which leaves John with only one recourse, he visits the wormhole aliens and request the knowledge to weaponise the wormhole knowledge and is given it. Armed with this information John builds the device and in the midst of an epic space battle between huge fleets John lays down the ultimatum, peace or total destruction and he rolls the dice and a wormhole capable of devouring the galaxy is born.

The Peacekeeper Wars is a wonderful conclusion to the series and makes up for the shock of the shows cancellation, all the expected characters are back even if some have very little screen time but you can't turn a season into three hours and make everyone happy. The HD production is solid but maybe a little too much DNR in places which really takes away from the amazing makeup and prosthetic work being done but this show is great for the sheer in your face HD can bring.
The Blu-ray was imported from Amazon in Germany and includes the English DD5.1 soundtrack, a good price but p&p a little steep and it's a shame this movie couldn't have been included in the Blu-ray series boxset or re-issued as a genuine US or UK product for bundling.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Jennifer Fest

Two very different roles for Jennifer Aniston but I enjoyed both movies so just picked them up on Blu-ray, yes the price was significantly lower than they were originally released at, patience is a virtue:)

Monday, 16 April 2012

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Enterprise Boxset

Well I finally caved and bought the Enterprise boxset, the damage was £44.95 with free p&p and £1.81 cash back via Quidco so a decent price and price was the key to the decision, wasn't paying £70+ it has been on and off for the last year or so. 
I've also been holding out for a Blu-ray boxset but despite the series being shot in native HD there has been no sign of a release and the price would I suspect frighten me so this will do:)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

ZomBoobies Teaser

Farscape Marathon Part 20

Farscape Marathon
Season 4 Part 20

We're So Screwed: La Bomba
With the negotiations going nowhere and cross and double cross the order of the
day the Scarrans disarm the bomb, disable D'Argos ship and force the Peacekeepers
into what would amount to suicide.
The only course of action left is a hail mary which could go spectacularly wrong.
Bad Timing
With the "victory" at Katrazi John learns that the Scarrans are on their way to Earth
after he let slip the existence of the highly prized flowers on his home world.
The only solution is to collapse the wormhole and that can only be done with Pilot
risking his life and that of Moya. An excellent season finale but a terrible series finale
given the cliffhanger and the "to be continued".
Bad Timing commentary with Ben, Claudia and David
Deleted Scenes
Memories of Moya
Listening In with Guy Gross
The Story So Far
On The Last Day
Inside Farscape:

  •  Save Farscape
  •  Villains
  •  Visual Effects

Video Profile: Rockne S O'Bannon
Video Profile: David Kemper

Just ordered The Peace Keeperwars on Blu-ray so that's up next.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Farscape Marathon Part 19

Farscape Marathon
Season 4 Part 19

Bringing Home the Beacon
The ladies of Moya visit a commerce station to buy technology with which to
protect Moya in this region of space. Complications arise when Peacekeepers
and Scarrans board the station and look to negotiate a peace treaty.
A Constellation of Doubt
John watched a video recording of a show about their visit to Earth whilst stressing
over the location of the secret Scarran base known as Katratzi.
Nick Tate (Space 1999) guest stars.
Aeryn on board a Scarran vessel is interrogated as to the were abouts of
John Crichton and then the father of her unborn. If it's Johns then the Scarrans
believe it's DNA will also hold the key to unlocking wormholes. Meanwhile
John and Scorpius do something crazy to find the location of Katratzi.
We're So Screwed: Fetal Attraction
On a border control facility Moya and her crew catch up to the ship carrying Aeryn
and everyone goes undercover in an attempt to gain access and they begin to
manufacture a conflict to aid their escape.
We're So Screwed: Hot To Katratzi
John builds a nuclear weapon armed with a dead mans switch and offers the wormhole
tech in exchange for a ton of cash and promise of safety. Of course it's all a con to rescue
Scorpius but a major twist leads to a long term threat to the Earth.
Wonderful prosthetics and design for the Scarran Emperor.
Deleted Scenes

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Farscape Marathon Part 18

Farscape Marathon
Season 4 Part 18

Unrealized Reality
A construct of the wormhold aliens captures John after interrogating Moya when
she was taken by mistake in the belief she was a Pathfinder vessel.
First part of an awesome trilogy.
With insights gleaned from the avatar John creates a wormhole back to Earth in
search of the anomaly that could destroy his timeline and then in true Back to the
Future mode he has to save himself and get the right girl:)
Phenomenally good episode.
Terra Firma
John and friends return to Earth but this time after his initial departure, the US
government embrace the crew of Moya but tensions soon appear and truths revealed.
A fantastic trilogy of episdoes, some of the best time travel/alternate reality scifi on tv.
Twice Shy
Chiana buys/frees a slave from traders but gets a lot more than she bargained for.

Mental As Anything
The boys go to a mental training facitily in the hopes of learning skills which will keep
them alive. Macton the Peacekeeper brother in law of D'Argo is there and we learn
what happened to Lo'Lann.
Kansas commentary with Ben, Claudia and David
Deleted Scenes
Listening in with Guy Gross

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Farscape Marathon Part 17

Farscape Marathon
Season 4 Part 17

Natural Election
Whilst searching for wormholes Moya gets covered by an alien plant like creature
which begins to digest the ship, a bad decision by John and D'Argo accelerates
the process and they consider abandoning Moya and Pilot.
Pilot demands that he takes order from one captain, a vote is taken
Don Quixote
Locked in a virtual reality game John and Ciana have to figure out what is real and
what is not as Moya comes under threat. A wonderfully inventive episode with lots
of laughs, Claudia in a blonde wig and southernish accent is enthralling:)
I Shrink Therefore I Am
Bounty Hunters board Moya and capture the crew but John and Noranti and in a
pod, John evades the hunters and destorys their ship and plays cat and mouse
learning some surprising truths about his pursuers.
A Perfect Murder
Aeryn finds herself on a world where she comes to believe she help to assassinate
a leader, the world has strict moral codes so Chiana goes down a storm:)
I really am not a fan of this episode.

Coup by Clam
Moya requires a little upgrade and whilst in orbit around a world dominated by males
the crew through the deeds of an unscrupulous doctor got themselves in the middle of
a gender led coup. A funny episode as characters are linked and what happens to one
happens to the other, good and bad.
Don Quixote with Ben and Claudia
Deleted Scenes
Listening in with Guy Gross

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Farscape Marathon Part 16

Farscape Marathon
Season 4 Part 16

Lovely widescreen.
Crichton Kicks
Rescued by an ageing Leviathan after Moya was swallowed by a wormhole John
has explored the equations in his mind and is close to solving the puzzle.
A pod crashes into the ship carrying Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu played
by Raelee Hill and hot on her trail are people who harvest Leviathans.

 What Was Lost: Sacrifice
Reunited with D'Argo and Ju on and a world long empty of life John discovers hints of a 

past but he is surrounded by people looking to exploit the secrets for their own ends.

 What Was Lost: Resurrection
Still under the thumb of the Peacekeepers a reckless plan is hatched and in turn the 

secret of the planet is revealed and the face of the galaxy changes. This is a game 

changing episode even if we really don't realise it at the time, the big pay off comes 

with Peacekeeper Wars.

 Lava's A Many Spendored Thing
A weak standalone episode as the crew get involved with thieves and their 

horde of booty.

Moya and Aeryn return with a surprise in two.
The happy reunion is short lived when an alien vessel a rather big one arrives and it's 

commander wants Aeryn for crimes committed which she was away  from John and 

company. Meanwhile the Peacekeepers are deploying a new weapon designed to kill 

Leviathans but leave the crew intact.

Deleted Scenes
Listening in with Guy Gross