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Monday, 19 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 11)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon

Season 3 (Continued)

The Return, Part 2
Atlantis is under the control of the replicators and standing orders for a Foothold
situation is the desturction of the city. Sheppard and his team disobey orders and
mount a resuce mission for Jack and Woolsey and to save the city.
An excellent conclusion to the two parter, Jack is at his heroic best and the writing
is exceptionally good.
Disturbances within the force, the magnetic force causes halluciantions which leads
to the discovery of apredictable flaw in the output of the Lantean star one which
with a 3 zpm powered shield would not be a problem.
A very interesting idea combining the technology and the organic elements of this world.

Lucius (Richard Kind) is back and as to be expected mayhem insues especially when koyla
pops by for a visit. Fantasy Garden World was used for the village.

Tao of Rodney
Whilst shutting down systems to save energy Rodney comes across a Ancient experiment
which zaps him while he is messing with the controls. He seems ok until he gains
mental powers which allows him to read minds, use telekinesis and other abilities.
A true McKay episode:)

The Game
A seemingly innocent computer game has unforetold ramifications when it turns out
the game is actually real and the inhabitants of a far away world are subject to the
whims of those that play it. Laura Harris stars as Nola and David Dayan Fisher as Baden.
Now this was a very clever episode.
Five Commentaries
Mission Directive
Masters of the Alien

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