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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon Part 3

Stargate Atlantis Blu-ray Disk 3

Season 1 (continued)

The Eye
The conclusion to the The Storm as the battle for Atlantis continues now becalmed in the
eye of the storm. Sheppard aided by the return of a jumper from the mainland continues
the war to attrition with Koyla which has rapidly become personal. Who is going to blink first?
Another cracking episode, top notch performances and full use made of the standing sets.

The Defiant One
A jumper journey to a planet on the far side of the solar system leads to two discoveries.
The first is an Ancient weapons platform which looks undamaged but powered down and the
second a crashed Warith vessel which holds one very nasty surprise.
This was quite a good character episode both for Sheppard and McKay and shows how
resourceful the Wraith can be.

Hot Zone
Whilst exploring Atlantis a number of people seem to become infected and start hallucinating
until their brains pop. Faced with a potential outbreak the city is locked down and we see the first
dissent shown by Sheppard to Weir which leads to more problems when the city itself expands
the lock down due to this mysterious contagion.

Under fire from Wraith Darts the team are running for their lives when a huge energy sphere
from a planet wipes the Wraith out but leaves the jumper intact. Investigating the planet they
discover the temple of Athar and the priestess Chaya/Sar played by Leonor Varela who
accepts the invitation to visit Atlantis.
Sanctuary is a good episode, very much in the spirit of classic SG1 combining action,
humour and a dose of relationships/ethics to create a good story.

Before I Sleep
The discovery of a woman in Ancient hibernation poses some questions and the answers are
not what anyone expected.
The franchise never seems to make a poor time travel episode and this one really works as it
offers up an alternative set of results for when the expedition arrives at Atlantis. It's also
interesting in to what we see of the Ancients as they were before Ascending including
a couple of familiar faces.

Mission Directives
Four Commentaries

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