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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Quake and other ID games.

Now this for me was the golden age of online gaming, cutting edge technology, ridiculously priced online gaming costs (billed per second and monthly) and a real niche community.
Reliving the games of ID Software in this case GLQuake in all it's glory and bought for a few quid in a bundle via Steam, it's all coming back to me:)

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Final Part)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon

Season 5 (continued)

Brain Storm
Mckay takes Keller to a physics review back on Earth and well things go wrong and
it's left to Mckay to unravel the experiment (based on his own work) and save the Earth.
Things also hot up between him and Jennifer:)
Todd's Hive ship is on course for Atlantis but on arrival no life signs are detected.
Upon investigation they find the crew in hibernation victims of the drug intended to revert them
to feeding the traditional way. Then they wake up not quite the Wraith they once were.
A woman inhabiting Keller's body causes mayhem in Atlantis before eventually being discovered
for who she is and the cause of the mind swap is discovered leading to a race against time to save
Keller who is in the thieves body awaiting sentence.
Dawn Olivieri guest stars as  Neeva Casol.
An alternate Earth with familiar faces in different roles. A wraith survives an attack on the Earth
and plays poker in Vegas to get the cash to build a communications device but has to feed continually
thanks to the radiation exposure.
A phenomenally good but different episode, one of if not my favourite from the whole series,
great music and visuals.
Enemy At The Gate
The consequences of Vegas echo in our reality, the Wraith are on their way to Earth and they have
to be stopped at any cost. An ok season finale but a weak series finale.
Three Commentaries
Mission Directive
SGA goes to Vegas
Deleted Scenes

The Babymakers (Red Band Trailer)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 19)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon

Season 5 (continued)

The Lost Tribe
Mckay and Daniel held hostage on the alien facility attempt to convince them that the device
has to be switched off but the aliens refuse and then in a very surprising moment they reveal
themselves. Meanwhile the Daedalus under the control of Todd is making beeline for the alien
base but Ronon and Kellar are doing their best to sabotage the ship and Sheppard on board a
Traveller ship is racing to beat everyone to the planet.
The Wraith visit a small community intent on finding and killing the refugees from a planet
infected by the Hoffan drug. The community are split in regards to sacrificing the "outsiders"
or protecting them from the very beings that may eventually eat them all. I really didn't find
this episode interesting. Agam Darshi guest stars as Novo.
The team are tried for their acts since coming to Pegasus, cue clip show.

The Prodigal
Atlantis loses power after a captured jumper and IDC are used to infiltrate the city. Guess who
is back with the intent to steal Teyla's baby and destroy the city.
Woolsey is under review and flirting with a pretty scientist, John is on the mainland chasing a
woman, McKay is being praised by Radak and a repository of knowledge is found on the ocean bed.  
Anna Galvin plays Vanessa Conrad, Tamlyn Tomita is Shen Xiao,  Johnathon Young returns
as Dr Parrish and surprise Robert Davi makes an appearance.
Five Commentaries
Building a Humanoid
Dr Jackson goes to Atlantis
Life & Death of Michael Kenmore
Costume Department
Deleted Scenes

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 18)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon

Season 5 (continued)

The Shrine
A mission goes awry and McKay gets infected with a parasite responsible for a degenerative
disease common to the people of the Pegasus galaxy, it is fatal but it is said  a shrine on one
world will reverse the effects for a single day.
Kate Hewlett guest stars as Jeannie Miller once again:)
Sheppard and McKay give support to the team led by Major Teldy who have found one of
Michaels old labs next to a deserted village. As night draws in a mist envelops the land bringing
the Whispers and a fight for survival.
Christina Cox, Nicole de Boer, Leela Savasta and Janina Gavankar guest star.
Bloody brilliant episode:)
The Queen
Once more Todd and his Wraith are brought into a plan to use a gene therapy on
his people to convert them to eating solid food but to make this plan viable the most powerful
Hive Queen will have to be convinced. Without his own Queen it is upto Teyla with apporpriate
surgery to play this role.
Keller is kidnapped whilst on a medical mission, Ronon and Mckay go after her but it's one
of the Wraith Tracker victims who has her and is as experienced as Ronon in fighting and
evading his foes. Mike Dopud plays Kiryk, the actor returns with a recurring role in SGU.

First Contact
Daniel Jackson visits Atlantis looking for a hidden lab and together with McKay they discover
it and within hours a highly advanced alien race break into the city and steal a piece of technology
and take Daniel and Rodney as well.
Meanwhile the Deadalus has rendevoused with Todd's Hive in preperation for testing the drug
which could free the Wraith from feeding off life force.
A stunning mid-season cliffhanger, lots going on.
Four Commentaries
Misson Directive
Submerging the Stargate
Conversation with Joe Flanigan

Felicia Day's Vacation

Felicia visits Belize (instead of Hawaii).

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 17)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon
Season 5

Search and Rescue
The search for survivors continues in the wreckage of the warehouse but Michael is on his way
and it'll be neck and neck if the Daedalus arrives in time to protect those on the planet.
The Seed
Carson is brought out of stasis with a drug devised from the Michael's medical records but then
Keller becomes infected by an Wraith virus and things really start to get spooky. Interesting idea
but not a great episode.

Broken Ties
Ronon is captured by his old comrade Tyre who intends to offer him to the Wraith to reclaim
his standing amongst the worshippers. The trade goes badly and Ronon is taken and brain
washed and it's left to Tyre himself to make ammends and rescue Ronon. Another average episode,
the fifth season gets off to a weak start. Mark Dacascos guest stars.

The Daedalus Variations
The Daedalus appears in orbit despite being reported to be only two days from arriving at Earth.
A jumper is flown up and the team investigate the ship finding it empty and then an energy spike
in the drive system sends the ship somewhere.
Now this was more like it, a nice alternate reality episode something the franchise has done a few
times already with positive results.
Ghost in the Machine
An intelligence stows away on a jumper and then transfers over to Atlantis disrupting all the
cities systems until it is identified as being a life form and communication begins. Soon more
of it's kind arrive at the city forcing a showdown between these new beings and the expedition
despite their shared history. Michelle Morgan guest stars.
Four Commentaries
Misson Directive
Bringing The Seed To Life
Ronon v Tyre

Monday, 26 December 2011

2010: Moby Dick (Review Minor Spoilers)

2010:Moby Dick

The Asylum
Screenplay by Paul Bales
Original Story by Herman Melville
Directed by Trey Stokes

Official Website

Aired UK Syfy 9/12/2011

There have been many takes on the classic revenge/obsession tale of Herman Melville's Moby Dick, maybe the most well known is the 1956 Gregory Peck theatrical release. Since then we have had a 1998 TV mini-series and a 2011 tv series both of which in terms on production and intent stand head and shoulders above this movie.
That said the core of the story is there even though the names do tend to jar a little in a modern context or more to the point Battlestar Galactica has nicked a few of them and a lot of the audience may be more familiar with that show.

So the movie starts with action from 1969 and a submarine ( USS Acushnet ) under the ice cap in soviet waters as they encounter what they believe is a new Russian sub but turns out to be a large biological which then takes the sub out. There are only two survivors Ahab and Boomer but more of those later as the movie jumps to present date with whale biologist Dr Michelle Herman played by Renee O'Connor doing research from a boat (The Coffin). She is then appropriated by Lt Commander Starbuck under the command of Captain Ahab on his latest nuclear submarine (USS Pequod) personally refitted to be the most advanced in the fleet. Whilst onboard she learns of the existence of Moby Dick and listens to the sonar recordings from the 1969 contact and then the chase is on.
We have an ongoing sub-plot as the Admiralty react to Ahab failing pre-arranged check ins and with shipping disasters throughout the oceans the finger of suspicion is pointed at Ahab and thus Boomer is recruited to investigate prior to pro-active action being taken. Much of the story from then on pretty much covers various contacts between Moby Dick and the submarine as well as a number of red shirt ships that get munched on by the Whale and as the death toll mounts the obsession shown through Ahab grows and becomes his defining characteristic leading to the ultimate face off.
The movie produced by Asylum actually looks pretty good, the cinematography a lot of it on the water is good and even the submarines are not bad something lower budget productions often fall short on. The underwater CGI works very well but often falls a little short when above the waves with technology (Osprey, Helicopter) needing more texturing and the Whale looking very fake at times, mind you a whale that size is always going to be hard to get right without a lot of the visual cues something like Godzilla would have walking through a city. Still the production is impressive for a "b" movie and you always have to judge this sort of movie in context, no point what so ever comparing it to a bug budget theatrical monster/disaster flick.
Barry Bostwick hams it up wonderfully through out the movie ramping up the emotion and mania with every scene but despite a strong start Renee O'Connor's role takes more of a background position. Overall I really enjoyed this movie, it looked good and has lots of action without being too cheesy or amateurish and well it's a giant monster movie so if that's your thing you'll be quite happy with 2010:Moby Dick.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 16)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon
Season 4 (Continued)

McKay, Carter and Keller fall through into and old mining facility, trapped with the hole only
a few meters above them and in a shaky structure they attempt to escape with mixed results.
A middling episode but works due to the banter and chemistry between the characters.
Teal'c visits Atlantis to help Ronon prepare for an IOA interview, sparks fly.
Meanwhile the Wraith attack the Midway station and well the stunt guys are called to go above
and beyond. Christopher Judge guest stars. Loved this episode even though the chemistry
between the two strong and silent types was a little too forced, strangely enough when the
mist had cleared their relationship was a lot more believable.

The Kindred, Part 1
Teyla has a disturbing dream about her missing people and Keller investigates a plague that is
spreading quickly though human worlds in Pegasus. Teyla has a further vision of her babies father
leading her to believe he is still alive and is guiding her to find him.

The Kindred, Part 2
The failed resuce mission for Teyla does have it's own rewards with the unexpected discovery of
the man locked away in Michael's facility. With the information he provides and that from a
captured prisoner another mission is dispatched resulting in the rescue of the last remaining
Athosians but Michael with his prize once again escape.
The Last Man
A solar flare disrupts a wormhole and Sheppard is transported 48,000 years into the future and
it's not all wine and roses. Atlantis has been abandoned and he may be the only human left in
the galaxy but a McKay hologram has set a plan in motion to return Sheppard and armed
with foreknowledge of Michael's endgame.
Five Commentaries
Season 4 a Look Back
Deleted Scenes
Making of Trio

Friday, 23 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 15)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon
Season 4 (Continued)

Be All My Sins Remember'd
The gangs all here and equipped with Asgard beam weaponry which proves highly effective
against Replicator ships. In a surprising move the Replicators retreat forcing a change of tactics
and a larger alliance to lay siege to their homeworld.
Michelle Morgan plays Fran the replicator in this uber CGI fest.
Spoils of War
A deserted Hive ship is found after tracking Todd's transponder.
The team eventually track him to a secret Wraith facility which is being used to clone a huge
army of new Wraith with the ZPM's and Todd's knowledge.

Once again the city locks everything down under a contamination threat leaving a number of people
trapped and dealing with various relationship issues and then the self destruct countdown begins.

Sheppard and McKay agree to provide protection for a princess threatened by disloyal elements
in the court and aided by an outside power. Fun and games with the stroppy young woman.
Jodelle Ferland plays Harmony.
Sheppard returns to Earth to attend the funeral of his father and Ronon tags along but as you
would  expect there is always something that will complicate matters. This time the nano-tech
experiments on Earth have created a rogue replicator lifeform.
Kari Wuhrer guest stars as Nancy Sheppard and Emma Lahana plays Ava Dixon.
Five Commentaries
Mission Directive

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 14)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon
Season 4 (Continued)

Tabula Rasa
A virus quickly spreads thoughout the city with every one except Teyla and Ronon losing their
memories. McKay awakes tied to a desk in front of his tablet which has a press me sticker on it.
Armed with only the instructions to find Teyla he sets out to save the city.
A nicely shot episode with the lighting of the flashbacks scenes adding a lot.
Teyla and Dr Keller pay a visit to the new Athosian world but find the community deserted and
in the distance the hunting horns of a race called the Bol Aki. A well written and acted episode
for Rachell and Jewel but not one of my favourites.
Danny Trejo guest stars as the Bol Aki leader.

The Seer
Davos a "seer" is consulted about the missing Athosians but he also provides information to a
sceptical McKay accurate enough to dispell any doubts.
Due to ill health Davos is taken to Atlantis where once more a deal between the Wraith
(namely Todd) and Atlantis is being considered to combat the Replicators and Carter is given
the vision of Atlantis and the Hive being destroyed. Martin Jarvis guest stars.
What started off as a pretty "meh" episode rapidly became an excellent story.
Miller's Crossing
Jeannie Miller is kidnapped after communicating with McKay, he rushes back to Earth only to be
kidnapped himself by an industrialist desperate to save his daughter using the nanite technology.
Any reason to have Kate back is a good reason.

This Mortal Coil
A drone crashes into the city and then later self destructs. Sheppard begins to suspect something
although what exactly is a mystery to himself but digging deeper he begins to suspect Replicator
infiltration. The prophecy given by Davos is then fufilled.
Five Commentaries
Mission Directive

Prometheus Trailer

It's got a look and style I could buy into but to early to tell:)

Carrot Cake

I made some Carrot Cake today, not exactly to recipe but it's how I like it:)
The ingredients are for the most part just what you would use to make the cake but without the fancy topping although in this case a little more carrot then is required.

  • Carrots
  • Eggs
  • Brown Sugar
  • Flour (Self Raising)
  • Bicarb
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Cinnamon                                    
The oil is whisked with the eggs, bicarb and sugar to make a nice thick paste which by itself is pretty much guaranteed to meet anyones daily intake of energy. Once that is done blend in the flour which makes a serious gloup then add the grated carrot and give a damn good stir.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 13)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon
Season 4


With the hyper drive shut-down Atlantis drifts through the void with power reserves continuously
dropping, repairs are essential. Meanwhile Weir is still in critical condition.

A jury rigged system gets the city into what could be described as a  safe place but desperate
for power a crazy scheme to raid the Ausuran homeworld for a ZPM is dreamt up.
Elizabeth complete with nanites goes on the offensive.
The new commander of Atlantis arrives and the transition is not as smooth for some as others.
Ronon finds the last few survivors of his world and well what do you know he knows them.


An encounter with a form of energy seems innocent enough but the team soon begins to
experience disturbing nightmares and soon it spreads amongst the cities inhabitants.
A well received "dark" episode, quite violent for this show.

Sheppard is captured by a hyperspace capable space faring race, the intend to used him to engineer
an interface to control Ancient hardware but he breaks out and a cat mouse game begins.
Jill Wagner (Blade:Series & Teen Wolf) guest stars as the alien commander
Five Commentaries
Mission Directive
Amanda Tapping A New Leader

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 12)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon

Season 3 (Continued)

The Ark
The discovery of a time capsule which contains the last survivors of a culled world
is a cause for celebration until heartbreak and regrets lead to the crippling of
it's support system. The team are trapped in a decaying orbit desperate for esacape
and if possible to save the thousand souls. Not a great episode but the set design is wonderful,
it's filmed in such a way it looks absolutely huge and every room is dressed as a feast to the eye.

A sanctioned day off the inhabitants of Atlantis, Carson is busy trying to last minute
organise his fishing trip to the mainland but everyone seems to be embrassing other
activites many of which only occur because it's the first official day or rest.
The final Rodney and McKay scene had me, bastards!
The discovery of a Wraith vessel deep in the ocean whilst searching for a drilling rig
awakes the Wraith ships occupant, Teyla is the first to recognise the threat they are
under even if McKay refuses to accept her assurances.
After losing contact with the survivors of the Taranian people (S2e19) Sheppard and
co visit the planet but find the settlement deserted but then detect a single life
form deep into the tunnels beneath the settlement. The discovery of the dead Taranians
and the creature responsible has the team fighting for their lives and an even greater
threat appears. A wonderfully dark episode, not only in terms of sets and atmosphere
but the brutal research being undertaken and the resulting monstrosity.

First Strike
Faced with the Asuran building ships in large numbers the newly built Apollo nukes
the ship building facilities and in response a planet killer weapon arrives in orbit
above Atlantis. A top notch season finale with guest stars Jewel Staite and Michael Beach
and a really imaginative Asuran weapon.
Five Commentaries
Mission Directive
Season 3 A Look back

Monday, 19 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 11)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon

Season 3 (Continued)

The Return, Part 2
Atlantis is under the control of the replicators and standing orders for a Foothold
situation is the desturction of the city. Sheppard and his team disobey orders and
mount a resuce mission for Jack and Woolsey and to save the city.
An excellent conclusion to the two parter, Jack is at his heroic best and the writing
is exceptionally good.
Disturbances within the force, the magnetic force causes halluciantions which leads
to the discovery of apredictable flaw in the output of the Lantean star one which
with a 3 zpm powered shield would not be a problem.
A very interesting idea combining the technology and the organic elements of this world.

Lucius (Richard Kind) is back and as to be expected mayhem insues especially when koyla
pops by for a visit. Fantasy Garden World was used for the village.

Tao of Rodney
Whilst shutting down systems to save energy Rodney comes across a Ancient experiment
which zaps him while he is messing with the controls. He seems ok until he gains
mental powers which allows him to read minds, use telekinesis and other abilities.
A true McKay episode:)

The Game
A seemingly innocent computer game has unforetold ramifications when it turns out
the game is actually real and the inhabitants of a far away world are subject to the
whims of those that play it. Laura Harris stars as Nola and David Dayan Fisher as Baden.
Now this was a very clever episode.
Five Commentaries
Mission Directive
Masters of the Alien

Earth's Final Hours (Review Some Spoilers)

Earth's Final Hours
Directed by David Hogan
Written by
  • David Ray
  • Robert Westcott
  • Rachelle S Howie


Earth's Final Hours premiered on the US Syfy channel on the 17th of December
with I have to say some positive expectations as it's still rather rare to
find a movie in this genre/market with what amounts to a rather good cast.
Robert Knepper is a mainstream TV/Movie actor with scifi chops having recently
done The Day the Earth Stood Still and Stargate Universe and Julia Benson
a regular in Canadian scifi productions has a recurring role in SGU.
The movie has a reported budget of $1.8 million which is respectable
for a movie in this genre and market and it's all on the screen, I doubt a cent
was wasted.

Earth's Final Hours has a fairly generic base plot, the planet suffers an event
often man made but this time totally not of our making, normally we have very clever
and rather arrogant scientists doing something silly with the fabric of scientific law
and then are surprised when it all goes to hell. In this case a celestial event
influences the rotation of the Earth with the final result being a locked world with
one half red hot and the other ice cold with a small "green" band in between that
could be viable.
A federal agency then looks to cover up the impending doom while searching out the
technology in an attempt to fix the failing magnetic field which will then protect
the last life within this green zone.
Complications arise when a group of scientists, agents and friends/family are trying
to save the whole planet using this same technology so the race is on.
Ultimately we have the good guys racing the bad guys to achieve a goal which in this
case has you scratching your head as to why there is a problem but again you've got to give
the plot some leeway and go with the characters and the circumstances they find themselves in.
If you end up rooting for the good guys then the writer/director have done their job even more
so if you cheer the demise of the bad guys and in this case the movie does deliver.
Ok lets look at some of the plot issues.
While the existence of a White Hole has yet to be proved I guess it's
not totally outlandish.
However while the cause of the planets problem can be accepted I found
the result rather perplexing, not quite sure how being hit by hyper dense
fast moving matter would affect our magnetic field enough to cause it's
failure and reduce the rotation of the planet but few scifi movies survive
scientific examination so lets not go there.
Why the original project was shelved and one of the lead scientists forced
into hiding and  the other under lock and key was harder to explain.
They went with the militarisation of the technology but it's ridiculous to
think only two people were involved with the project or the theory behind
White Holes and the threat was never published. Of course if the whole
world don't notice or it has no impact on events in the movie as the Earth's
rotation slows then you have to accept almost anything.
What is also perplexing is that the use of this satellite based technology had
yet to be proved to the point where it could kick start the magnetic field and
protect just a strip of land circling the globe.
In reality the goal of Streich and Edwards (Kneeper and Benson) was just as valid
and had the benefit of saving the whole world rather than a small part yet it
seemed one maybe two agents were deciding the fate of 6 billion people just in
the hopes of saving the current US political system and the rich and powerful.
I have a fundamental issue with the whole save the government idea during a global
disaster, politicians are needed to support a society, you can not have a society
based on an unproductive group thus the dice should have been rolled on
saving the planet not the current administration.
I guess that's one of the beauties of the disaster "b" movie plots, they don't
always make good sense but they do set up the conflict required to generate
good guys and bad guys.

Production Thoughts.
Right from the word go this movie looked good, the cinematography was excellent
with some beautiful location shooting and good solid CGI both of which can eat
up money if the producer/director is not careful. There were a couple of shots/scenes
that obviously needed another month and a few thousand dollars investment but
I've said the same whilst watching a $200 mill movie. The acting was overall very good,
Robert Knepper pretty much always brings his A game he's just the sort of actor but
it was a delight to see Julia Benson getting a meaty role, we never did get enough of
her on SGU. Supporting roles from Bruce Davison, Michael Kopsa and Roark Critchlow
all added weight to the story as all three are solid working actors and even the
younger cast members Cameron Bright and Julia Maxwell were ok portraying the more
unlikely characters. All in all an excellent cast which made the most of the script
and there were no obvious unbelievable characters or poor acting, everything worked.
I can highly recommend this movie, it's not going to appeal to some people who will never accept any
flaw in a plot or those who are not into the disaster flicks but for the rest of us Earth's Final Hours
stands head and shoulders above the majority of movies aimed at the same market both paid for by
Syfy or from one of the many independent producers.

Official Website

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 10)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon

Season 3 (Continued)

The Real World
Weir is back on earth and in a mential facility having to deal with her breakdown
and belief she has spent the last couple of years in another galaxy.
Not my favourite style of story but it did have Richard Dean Anderson and
Alan Ruck so not all bad.

Common Ground
John is captures by Koyla and while John is imprisoned he's fed upon by a Wraith but
over time an unlikely alliance is formed by the two enemies.
Christopher Heyerdahl guest stars.
McKay and Mrs. Miller
It's all in the family as Mckay gets a visit from his sister and collaborate
on an energy generation experiment with unexpected results.
Amanada Tapping and Kate Hewlett guest star.

The bodies of long dead Genii are found on a world where a Atlantis team has
gone missing, they do turn up but seem unable to recognise Sheppard and company.
Soon everyone starts to see people and things are not there and then it's fight
for survival.

The Return, Part 1
The intergalactic gate bridge is being tested and in the depths of space a ship
travelling near light speed is discovered. The crew of the ship then evict the
pesky humans from Atlantis which then comes under attack from the replicators.
Now this is a thrill a minute episode and comes complete with Richard Dean Anderson
and Robert Picardo, what's more it's a two parter:)

Five Commentaries
Mission Directives
Genera O'Neill goes to Atlantis

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Stargate Atlantis Marathon (Part 9)

Stargate Atlantis Marathon

Season 3 (continued)

No Man's Land

The season premiere kicks off from where the season ended, the aftermath of the battle between the
Dadealus and the two Hive ships. A desperate order is given to pursue the Hives and engage despite
both of them not being battle ready and to complicate things Weir is ordered back to Earth to brief
the IOA.
With the captured Hive ship under going analyst the prisoners are being held on another world dosed
up on the Wraith anti-viral drug but as before it's ability to keep them unaware of who and what they
are is over estimated.

While searching for unused Stargates the team come across a small but tidy villiage with an many
mighty fine looking women including SGU's very own Julia Benson (Vanessa James). The cause
of this is one very unlikely "hero" called Lucius (Richard Kind) who seems to be loved by everyone
and eventually that includes the Atlantis personnel all except Sheppard.
A funny episode, Richard is fantastic as I guess the Harry Mudd of Stargate.
Ronon is taken prisoner after visiting a village he had passed through when he was a Runner.
He is once again taken by the Wraith and returned to his homeworld of Sateda there is be the
game in one final hunt for his captors.
A good solid action episode adding to Ronon's backstory, some good McKay humour as well.

An intact fully populated Ancient city, too good to be true?
Well of course it is, nothing is ever that easy in the Pegasus galaxy.

Five Commentaries
Two Mission Directives
Inside the VFX Department
Rachel Luttrell Profile