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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Camel Spiders (Review)

Camel Spiders (2011)
New Horizon Pictures Corp
Directed by Jim Wynorski

Brian Krause
C Thomas Howell

What can you say about Camel Spiders that would do it justice:)
Well what we have is a fairly generic plot with ravenous beasts out to get both civilian and military personnel the former comprising of the usual mix of idiots, bad guys and those that maybe deserve to be saved but only a few will make it. Yes it's a by the numbers formula but nothing really wrong with that because we know exactly what we are getting with this sort of production and with a half a million dollar budget you ain't going to get much these days.
So the plot, Captain Sturges fresh from combat in the middle east returns home with the body of one of his men which contains a number of the Camel Spiders which after an accident get loose and start their reign of terror. One group who have a running battle with the Spiders is a bunch of "young" people on a get away in the desert another are the patrons of a diner who split over the hour and comprise family, the bad guys looking to develop the town and the usual bunch of red shirts.

I don't think I need to go into any more detail because any experience of these movies will pretty much leave you well suited to handle the plot, script and acting in the movie. My biggest bugbear was the use of CGI gun muzzle flashes (very common in lower budget shows) and the opening battle scene which was very amateurish yet the Camel Spiders themselves were pretty well done.

Overall Camel Spiders was a lot of fun for it's type, I've got to give that proviso because it's made at a price point with all the limitations that imposes.
Give it a go, for a "B" monster movie it's not bad at all.

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