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Monday, 30 November 2009

O2 Broadband

My new router/modem arrived today and my ADSL2+ service should switch over sometime this friday and then I can get around to cancelling the rest of SKY. A shame to let the service go but I really don't take well to that sort of price manipulation and underhanded tactics to get more money out of me.

I got my R1 copy of Better Off Ted today, only £14.99 for the first season of what was a very funny comedy.
I picked up Kill Bill 1&2 on Blu for £15 and the Ice Age trilogy on Blu as well for what I considered a decent price, still not got Star Trek simply down to the pricing.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Blimey could this be the first good decision made by a UK cable company since their inception?

It's not going to be sunshine and roses for quite a while even assuming VM find the cash to replace their entire DVR range because a lot of the issues are totally in the firmware/GUI area. Still this is a move that NTL should have done all those years ago instead of selling off surplus £99 TIVO units but they really have never given a monkies about taking SKY on in the TV market and I don't think this will really change things.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

It's a Blu day

Nice Mr Postie delivered my BSG and Supernatural Blu-ray boxsets today, not quite sure when I'll find the time to watch them so both may have to wait till the chistmas break.
A thanks to Lovefilm for their 10% off deal the other week which promoted the credit card splurge and if Blu-ray was cheaper as it bloody well should be I would be spending a lot more money on movies.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Riese The Series

Riese is a new web based series whose production values are very high and the story could very well be just as good. Set in what looks like a medieval world after the fall of a great empire it follows the travels of Riese and her companion who is a wolf. There is not a lot more to say as I've only seen the first episode but there is enough there to have me coming back.

Riese The Series