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Sunday, 10 August 2014

My Random Journey Through Trek #1


S5 Counterpoint

Voyager is crossing a huge tract of space under the control of the Devore who have a serious dislike for telepaths and well not to put to fine a point on it they round them up send them to "relocation" camps and no more telepaths. They even dress in not quite all black with a very regimented and bureaucratic approach to genocide all of which makes it clear they are the bad guys.

Mark Harelik who plays Inspector Kashyk brings a lot of style to the role offering up a reasonable and intelligent side to the Devore and even when he "defects" his story rings true and the relationship between him and Janeway at least on the surface seems more than reasonable. In fact the two together drinking coffee, talking strategy and watching the stars is perhaps one of the better intimate moments for the captain.
I did like the Devore starships, some very nice texturing but the movement was a little off, too fast for such big ships they needed more presence. The use of the classical music didn't hurt either, it was not only fitting for the scenes but also timeless which is why I've always thought Scifi in particular should stick to that genre or at the very least not fall into the trap of dating themselves by using whatever is the current fad.
Overall a very good episode of Voyager, well above average and works very well as a standalone.
Rating   7

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