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Friday, 23 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 6 Part 2

S6E12 "Like A Virgin"
The vents of the last year are kept secret from the new Sam and the boys go on the hunt
for Dragons who are targeted the pure maidens of the town. So so episode but Dean with
the sword was fun.

S6E13 "Unforgiven"
Sam starts to have flashbacks of his time on the road and then realises the town they are
in is one he had worked before and pretty much banged every wife there and assaulted a deputy.
Not a good episode but has it's place in the arc

S6E14 "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning"
A spirit is using avatars to kill men who hold a dark secret. The B plot is the continued
collapse of Dean's brief lapse into normalcy with Lisa and Ben but not enough to make
the episode worthwhile.

S6E15 "The French Mistake"
Absolutely fantastic episode as the brothers are sent into an alternate reality by Balthazar
in which the show Supernatural is real and there are no demons of angels. The brothers have
to find their feet and fight off a demon with no special powers who follows them into this world.
S6E16 "...And Then There Were None"
Samuel and Gwen find themselves tracking Eve along with Sam and Dean but one of her children
has set it's sight on them and who can you trust?

S6E17 "My Heart Will Go On"
Another excellent episode as Balthazar decides to prevent the Titanic from sinking and derail
Fate which changes the world. Ellen and Jo are still alive, there was no Titanic movie or mega
hit theme song but Castiel is faced with the choice of Dean and Sam against the souls of saved.
S6E18 "Frontierland"
A discovery into the weapon needed to fight Eve is Phoenix ash and an old journal from Samuel
Colt has him killing one back in the day, cue time travel and the boys go back to the wild west.
A fun episode with a clever twist.
S6E19 "Mommy Dearest"
Eve is located and we have the grand gesture as the brothers go after her but she has been around
and easily turns the tables on the brothers and then reveals why she is there and who she is going
after. A good episode as events unfold and home truths are revealed.

S6E20 "The Man Who Would Be King" 
A great episode with Misha able to really stretch his talents as Castiel tells his own story and how
he got himself into this situation. Perhaps the highlight of the season.

S6E21 "Let It Bleed"Crowley kidnaps Lisa and Ben to put pressure on Dean to stay out the way, Castiel has forbidden the
demon from going after Dean so obviously friends are the logical next step. Meanwhile Bobby is tracking
down a source for information on Purgatory and the two stories make for a good episode.

S6E22 "The Man Who Knew Too Much"
Sam's memories return as the wall to his soul falls and faced with his decisions he collapses and has
to work his way through it through interaction with a living memory in the form of Robin (Erica Cerra).
Castiel and Crowley faced eachother down with Raphael stepping in but it's too late and Purgatory has
been found and a new God is proclaimed.

The sixth season got off to a slow start, it was a little disjointed as they all found their feet but a few episodes in the well oiled machine really started to hum. There were some duff episodes but there were also some top notch episodes but the finale really wasn't the intense ride I think we deserved but you can't argue about the quality of the Cas/Crowley scenes.

Roll on season 7 which premieres in the US tonight (23rd).

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 6 Part 1

S6E1 "Exile on Main St."
Dean now living a normal life with Lisa & Ben is drawn back into the hunting game when targeted
for revenge and Sam then turns up. As a season opener there are issues mainly down to creating
an arc when the show was geared up for 5 seasons but it's a reasonable start.

S6E2 "Two and a Half Men"
Babies are going missing after their parents are butchered and when investigating the guys
discover at least one child was conceived while the "father" wasn't even in town.

S6E3 "The Third Man"
The Angels are back in force as a civil war is waged with Castiel one one side and Raphael
on the other. Meanwhile an angelic weapon is loose on earth and an Balthazar (Sebastian Roché)
an old friend of Cas is implicated.

S6E4 "Weekend at Bobby's"
Lots of fun as we see the day to day grind and mild highlight of Bobby's life from burying
a vampire to breaking into the local library and torturing a demon while flirting with the neighbour.
S6E5 "Live Free or Twihard"
It's vampire time as the show takes the proverbial out of the Twilight craze and with a twist we see
a side of Sam that is certainly worrying and downright dangerous.

S6E6 "You Can't Handle the Truth"
The truth can kill even more so when a goddess is involved but it's the catalyst for Sam and Dean
to open up to eachother even if neither one is happy with the results.
Serinda Swan plays Veritas.
S6E7 "Family Matters"
Sam and Dean with the remaining Campbell clan go after the Alpha Vampire and they capture him yet
lie to Dean's face and claim they burnt it there and then. Tracking them done they find the
facility and discover who is behind the rescue of Sam and the current situation.

S6E8 "All Dogs Go to Heaven"
All manner of monsters are roaming the world and it seems a Shape shifter is involved in murders
around town but who or what is the shape shifter, a nice twist and rather sad end.
Weakest episode so far and one I skipped through.

S6E9 "Clap Your Hands If You Believe..."
Aliens are abducting people including Dean but what if these aliens are not from outer space
but are one of the many races that occupy the cracks in our world. A fun episode as Dean
is probed and so is Sam in a slightly better way, guest star is Robert Picardo.
S6E10 "Caged Heat"
A deal is done between the brothers and Meg despite what she has done in the past since taking
on Cowley on his own ground is very risky, it's doesn't go according to plan but it's a cracking
S6E11 "Appointment in Samarra"
Dean pays Death a visit and convinces him to help rescue Sam's soul but the condition is that Sam
has to wear the ring and for a day do the duties of death and as you would expect there are those
that Sam can happily kill and others he can not. Another top notch episode as the point about
consequences is hammered home.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 5 Part 4

S5E19 "Hammer of the Gods"
A mysterious motel in the middle of nowhere filled with an unusual bunch of "people" is the setting for a high end summit between the Gods of the old world and the brothers are the guest of honour.
Cracking episode bringing together various faiths and religions, Rekha Sharma is excellent as Kali.
 S5E20 "The Devil You Know"
Pestilence is now the target of Dean and Sam with Crowley the demon offering a helping hand to
get the job done. Another solid episode especially as we get a lot of back story to how Sam was
truly cultivated to be the vessel.

S5E21 "Two Minutes to Midnight"
Pestilence (Matt Frewer) does a number of the boys but it all turns out ok and With pretty much nothing to lose Bobby and Crowley do deal which allows them to track and locate Death who quite surprisingly is more than willing to help Dean to kill Satan. Leah Gibson plays a tasty demon nurse:) Excellent episode, the writers are really on a role.
S5E22 "Swan Song"
With options being lost left right and centre a final desperate role of the dice has Sam letting Satan use his body and it fails but Dean doesn't give up and gatecrashes the final confrontation between Lucifer and Michael with serious consequences.
The voiceover and prologue by Chuck is awesome and a superb finale.
Gag Reel

Season 5 on second viewing doesn't quite hold up, it has some excellent episodes of that there is no doubt but there seems to be something missing perhaps the less arc based eps tend to look weaker when faced with uber arc stories. 
Roll on season 6.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 5 Part 3

S5E13 "The Song Remains the Same"
Anna returns and before you know it we are back in the past fighting Angels with John and Mary.
It's another time travel episode but like before it works very well and we see a whole new side to Anna.
S5E14 "My Bloody Valentine"
What could be less threatening than Cupid?
Well when his love spells are supercharged by the presence of FAMINE then the need to consume
becomes over whelming, even Cas goes nuts over burgers.

S5E15 "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"
The dead are rising and that includes Bobby's wife so he is less inclined to help the brothers
go on a Zombie hunt but as this is down to the rising of DEATH himself it'll never end well.

S5E16 "Dark Side of the Moon"
The boys are killed by hunters and turn up in Heaven where they meet a few friends including Pam
& Ash they then conspire to stick it to the Angels. Quite an imaginative episode.
S5E17 "99 Problems"
The daughter of a minister has a conduit to the Angels who tell her that her town has been chosen
to be saved and armed with knowledge provided they kick demon ass however all is not as it seems
and when the demons are gone they turn on eachother thus condemning their souls to hell.
Michael Shanks guest stars:)
S5E18 "Point of No Return"
Supernaturals 100th episode and with Dean still not committing the Angels go to another of the blood
line in this case the long deceased Adam who they pull out of heaven. Faced with conflicting issues
the good deed done by the brothers ends badly but hey at least one dick get shanked.


Saturday, 17 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 5 Part 2

S5E7 "The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester"
Gambling with your life was never so literal when they cross paths with a witch who can take and give life and uses poker to determine who gets what. A nice episode especially with old Dean (Chad Everett).
S5E8 "Changing Channels"
A pretty much out and out fun episode as the boys track down the trickster who puts them into a number of spoof TV shows until such a time they finally reveal his own secret. NUT CRACKER
S5E9 "The Real Ghostbusters"
A Supernatural convention has Dean and Sam LARPing it along with the rest of the attendees as the imaginary ghost hunt turns real. A funny episode despite again some very dark overtones.
S5E10 "Abandon All Hope"
The boys along with Cas, Ellen and Jo search out Lucifer in Carthage but on overall there are no people just reapers and then Meg appears. An excellent moving episode as we say goodbye to a number of characters who die very well and Lucifer is one more step closer to his goal. Mark Sheppard makes his first appearence in the show as Crowley.
S5E11 "Sam, Interrupted"
I don't like this episode as the boys go undercover in a mental facility.

S5E12 "Swap Meat"
Not the best episode but it has a strong ending and Sara Drew who plays Nora steals the show.
The Real Ghostbusters

Friday, 16 September 2011

Supernatural Season 5 Part 1

S5E1 "Sympathy for the Devil"
Lucifer is loose and somehow Sam and Dean are not toast.
However Bobby has not fared quite so well, solid start to the new season with even Bobby

S5E2 "Good God, Y'all"
The town of River Pass is over run with Demons with Rufus and Ellen fighting for their lives
and trying to protect the few humans. A sting in the tale and an excellent episode for it.
S5E3 "Free To Be You and Me"
With the brothers going their own way more home truths are revealed and they are both tempted.
Not my favourite episode although it's hard to criticise the wonderful performance by Mark Pelligrino.

S5E4 "The End"
A vision of the future is revealed and it ain't good.
However as always the trails they have to suffer just makes them stronger and together the move on.
A high concept episode and for the most part worked well, nice to see Lexa Doig.

S5E5 "Fallen Idols"
People start to die in mysterious ways or quite familiar ways if  you are aware of the historical facts and characters in play.
A fun if gruesome episode Paul McGillion & Paris Hilton with a nice touch from Dean in reference to House of Wax.

S5E6 "I Believe the Children Are Our Future"
Fairy Tales are nice or at least the sanitised western versions are but when a young boy has the power to create reality his death is ordered by the Angels as the boy grows in power thanks to the rise of Lucifer.

The End commentary

Evanescence "What You Want"

New album out October 11th.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 4 part 4

S4E19 "Jump The Shark"
Do Sam and Dean have a brother?
Interesting idea and episode title, quite clever but not a great episode.

S4E20 "The Rapture"
Castiel's back story or rather the man who gave him his body.
Very enjoyable and a rather touching story.
S4E21 "When The Levee Breaks"
Dean and Bobby have taken drastic measures to counter Sam's dependence
upon Demon blood even if the results may make the difference in preventing
Lucifer from escaping hell.
A solid build up to the season finale.
S4E22 "Lucifer Rising"
There is only one seal left to break and it's the first Demon that Lucifer
created whilst still and Angel. Sam armed with uber demon blood is gunning
for Lilith along with Ruby even to the point of seriously crossing the line in
terms of dealing with possessed humans. Dean meanwhile has been taken out the
game by the Angels who have chosen a different approach to the Apocalypse.
Surprisingly Demon Cindy (Juliana Wimbles) steals the show from Lilith and Ruby.
Excellent season finale, shocking and intense.
Commentary - When the Levee Breaks & Lucifer Rising
Gag Reel
Extended & Deleted Scenes

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 4 Part 3

S4E13 "After School Special"
The past and present collide when the boys investigate incidents of possession
in and around a public school one of the many they themselves attended briefly.
Alas the first episode I skipped after a couple of minutes.

S4E14 "Sex and Violence"
Men are murdering their wives and it seems the connection are strippers or at least
something posing as an exotic dancer. The problem of course is how do you track
something that can appear as a person you would totally accept and trust?
Oh and Dean is delighted his job lets him work around strippers:)
S4E15 "Death Takes a Holiday"
In a small town people are not dying even when suffering from fatal wounds or afflictions.
It all points to an attempt to break a seal by Lilith and without a reaper then there is no death.
Top notch episode with a couple of recurring characters.
S4E16 "On The Head Of A Pin"
Demons versus Angels and everyone against Sam and Dean.
Bloody brilliant episode.
S4E17 "It's a Terrible Life"
A different Sam and Dean lead ordinary lives working for corporation but
there are things going on and the question is asked will their defining
characteristics overcome whatever influence is being exerted on them.

S4E18 "The Monster At The End Of This Book"
Another cracking episode as the boys learn of a man who is writing their life
stories including events as yet to come. It has it's fair share of humour
and darkness something Supernatural has become well known for.
Extended Scenes

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon S4 Part 2

S4E7 "It's The Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"
A demonic seal and the rise of a Halloween spirit conspire to trap Dean and Sam
between the forces of light and dark. Some nice twists and turns in this episode
and we meet Uriel (Robert Wisdom).
S4E8 "Wishful Thinking"
Absolutely hilarious standalone episode with just that bit or darkness to wrap it up.
Fun times with showers, giant teddy bears, busty asian beauties and infatuation.
Ted Raimi guest stars.

S4E9 "I Know What You Did Last Summer"
A disturbed girl with a terrifying gift brings Sam and Dean face to face with
the darker side of heaven and the reality of the hell spawn. A good arc episode
with Julie McNiven and Mark Rolston as two top notch guest stars.
S4E10 "Heaven and Hell"
The continuation of the Anna story as Heaven and Hell clash over her future, the angels
want her dead and the demons want to use her but there is hope when she regains all
her memories and strives to regain her position and power.
S4E11 "Family Remains"
A good old fashioned ghost story, not original but a lot of fun.

S4E12 "Criss Angel is a Douchebag"
Mystery and death surround a group of stage magicians dealing with being sidelined
in favour of the brash and loud new breed of illusionists.
A very nice cast and an interesting story but only an average episode.

Extended and Unaired scenes

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon S4 Part 1

S4 Premiere "Lazarus Rising"
Dean emerges at the crossroads miraculously reprieved from hell but who rescued him and why?
After some mild effort Dean convinces Bobby he is the real Dean and then has to do the same with
Sam but he's got his own little secrets to hide.
An excellent season opener and probably the only logical next step in the brothers story.
S4E2 "Are You There God? It's Me Dean Winchester"
The mystery of the rescue now know has to be dealt with as well as the fallout from within
the whole supernatural community. Meanwhile hunters are being haunted by those they failed to
help and are being exterminated en-mass and the bothers and Bobby are next in line.
S4E3 "In The Beginning"
An excellent time travel story in which Cas sends Dean back to when his mother and father were just dating
and Dean learns a few home truths about his family.
Top notch episode and it's always good to see Mitch Pilleggi and Amy Gumenick is beautiful.
S4E4 "Metamorphosis"
A driven hunter on the trail of a "Rugaru" a flesh eating beast which evolves from what is to all intents and purposes a genuine human until it's DNA triggers the change poses a moral dilemma, do they kill the man/beast before it takes a life when perhaps there is a chance for it to live a semi-normal life. Joanne Kelly (Warehouse 13) guest stars.
S4E5 "Mosnster Movie"
Shot in B&W with all manner of call backs to the glory days of the "b" movie monster flicks this is truly a fun
episode and homage to the movies that laid some of the ground work for the show itself.
The boys are investigating a Werewolf attack around an Oktober Fest event then a vampire attack,
a mummy attack and well just sit back and enjoy the fun:)
S4E6 "Yellow Fever"
Men are dying of fright and then what ever is causing this outbreak effects Dean and we get an episode part out and out slapstick with what was a very dark story. Not my favourite episode but as always one or two bits which had be laughing myself silly.
In The Beginning Commentary
Extended & Unaired scenes