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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Random Journey Through Trek #3

The Next Generation

S5 Cost Of Living

The episode kicks off with the Enterprise destroying an asteroid bound for a planet, my question would be why? If the planet is part of the Federation then it has the capability to protect itself and if not then surely the prime directive applies after all where would we be without a mass extinction now and again:)
Worf and his kid are having "issues" and I think Alexander can count his blessings Worf is not quite 100% Klingon because I think a little physical intervention would be the norm in this relationship regardless of Deanna being all touchy/feely about it. Thankfully and I know the character polarises the fans but Lwaxana Troi played by Majel Barrett pays them a visit with the intent to marry her latest beau on board the ship, of course she gets in the middle of the family drama and while all the paraphernalia is a little embarrassing to watch these days the heart of her time with the boy and her intent to marry have substance. The minor "b" plot is pretty much pointless, the threat and resolution are half heartedly handled negating any impact and overall any real value of the episode is washed away with it's very weak presentation and gimmicks.

Rating   3

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