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Sunday, 17 August 2014

My Random Journey Through Trek #5


S4 Demons & Terra Prime

My random number generator came up with a double episode so I of course watched both, they were the Enterprise season 4 episodes Demons and Terra Prime in which are presented some of the cold realities due to the dramatic changes to Earth's population, politics, structure, culture and the ramifications for some with power and influence and many with neither. So Terra Prime a pro-human organisation clone a human/vulcan hybrid, gain control of an asteroid/comet defence installation and threaten Earth unless ALL aliens leave the solar system. Well that sounds impressive but there is only so much Trek can do on a minor network but they tried and overall the episodes came off rather well. It was a little difficult to believe anyone with John Frederick Paxton's (Peter Weller) intelligence could really believe he could achieve his goals or that the planet would really be fine given that the Earth had been noticed and they were really at the bottom rung of the ladder in that part of the galaxy. 
Peter Weller
It was also a little ironic that one of the higher ups in Terra Prime, Daniel Greaves (Peter Mensah) was sprouting the dogma and yet not that many generations back the very idea of mixing the races would have been seen in the same light as his beliefs now. I guess the underlying story was the cyclical nature of events as a society and civilisation grows both in the positive and negative aspects. 
Surprisingly the gave Mayweather plenty to do in the episodes and he went with it proving he had plenty to offer if given the material but the foggy clandestine scenes with Reed and Section 31 was a little trite:)
I really did like how the handled the young Elizabeth and how it had been worked into the canon and one of the best scenes of the entire four seasons was a simple dark room, two characters from different worlds expressing loss and compassion thus making it clear where Star Trek wanted to take us.

It has been said and I think I agree that this double feature would have been a fitting finale to Enterprise, it had some excellent character moments and an Archer speech promoting the very ideals he references in the actual finale.
Rating  7 & 8

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