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Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Random Journey Through Trek #7

The Next Generation

S5 Hero Worship

The Enterprise searches for a science vessel that ceased communicating, they find the wreckage and the only survivor is a young boy who is trapped, they can not beam him out so Data risks himself to lift a beam and escape with the boy who is amazed at his strength. Timothy played by Joshua Harris claims the ship was attacked and soon withdraws into himself and surprisingly becomes attached to Data, his lack of emotion seems appealing. As the Enterprise investigates a possible enemy hiding in the Black Cluster of gravitational anomalies it becomes clear that there was no attack but soon the Enterprise itself is fighting for it's life as it's pummeled by waves of gravitational force. 
Data grooming a young boy...
So this is a bit of a Data episode dealing with the plus and negative aspects of his character and how it can be appealing to a immature psychi who is dealing with misplaced guilt over the deaths of perhaps his immediate family. It also begs the question why any Federation or Starfleet sanctioned science mission takes children along on a research mission which has obvious dangers involved and the Enterprise school room and it's very creepy teacher was so cringe worthy.
I was however quite amused how the boy saved the day, even Data wasn't up to speed with the cause and effects of their current situation and surprisingly Riker was going to dismiss Data's recommendation to drop the shields, when the second officer and expert in pretty much everything makes that statement in a time critical situation you listen and thankfully Picard did.
The helm officer Ensign Felton was cute, not sure that level of makeup would be the norm for Starfleet but who knows, the world of tomorrow is strange and wondrous.
Sheila Franklin as Ensign Felton
Hero Worship has it's moments but overall it fell a little short, I don't think the whole backstory that supports the Data/Timothy narrative works well, too many holes and I'm sorry but that will make or break an episode.
Rating 5

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