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Friday, 29 August 2014

My Random Journey Through Trek #10

Deep Space Nine

S2 Rules Of Acquisition

Opportunities for expansion into the Gamma Quadrant are obviously of interest to the Ferengi so the Grand Nagus pays Quark a visit and gives him the chance to lead a trade deal with the intent to get a foothold in the quadrant and ultimately reap profit. On the surface the deal seems fine but it soon gets complicated when as yet unknown player is revealed by the Dosi, The Dominion. A subplot of the story once again deals with the Ferengi culture and treatment of females, in this case Quarks new protege has a secret so we get plenty of cheap humour spun off from his or her situation and how those around them handle the devotion aimed towards Quark. 
Alien makeup examples across 2 decades
There is an awful lot of positives to take out of Rules Of Acquisition, the Ferengi in Deep Space Nine and more importantly due to Armin Shimerman are once again shown to be far more than TNG was ever able to present. Quarks interaction with Dax was always a high point of the show, Zek's interest in Kira was hilarious and you've got to admit reaching for any female of interest may get you slapped down but you know I don't think the odds are too bad especially when you have no shame:)
Love Hurts!
My only real complaint for the episode was the appalling make up for the Dosi, I've seen exactly the same idea on an old episode of Buck Rogers, a decade or so before not a problem but early 90's it wasn't good and on rewatch it's just embarrassing more so when compared in the same scene with Ferengi makeup. 
Rating 7

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