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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

My Random Journey Through Trek #9

The Next Generation

S1 Coming Of Age

A very definite two plot story neither of which really pulled ahead of another so in the first we have Wesley going to take a Starfleet Academy test against three other candidates and only one will be admitted. Seems a strange way to do it, it's entirely possible all four could be superior to other candidates at other testing facilities and without any real clarification of what they are trying to achieve the whole process takes away from the story which is how Wesley handles this situation. A simple line saying it was an early admittance programme or a slot for a technical track rather than general admittance would have helped immensely in accepting what they were offering.
The second story has Admiral Gregory Quinn (Ward Costello) and Lt. Commander Dexter Remmick (Robert Schenkkan) coming on board claiming there is "something wrong" with the Enterprise and are on what amounts to a fishing expedition, they intend to find something come what may but despite Remmick skewing his questioning and making selective notes he has to admit to the Admiral he found nothing and even stated this is where he would like to serve his next tour. It's then revealed by the Admiral that there is suspicion amongst a select few that the Federation and Starfleet has been compromised and they don't even know if the threat is internal or external. Picard is offered a promotion but like Captains before him at least the sensible ones he elects to remain on board and eventually gives Wesley a bit of good advice when he returns to the ship.
Patience Picard
Coming of Age is ok I guess, Wesley has some growth within a plot that really isn't upto the job and we get some light shed on the issues within the Federation which echo throughout the series and beyond indicating the society isn't all peaches and cream and safely protected from threats both obvious and more subtle.

Riker in his patented chair sitting procedure, it never will get old:)
Rating  4

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