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Friday, 22 August 2014

My Random Journey Through Trek #6

Deep Space Nine

S4 Body Parts

Now this was a fun episode with both A and B plots played with a lot of humour desperate the obvious seriousness of both situations. Quark given a terminal diagnosis sells his "remains" on the futures exchange to an unknown buyer who then turns up to collect a desiccated Quark but the hiccup is that he isn't dying and the only way out is to break the contract thus causing Quark to be an outcast, maybe a fate worse than death. Meanwhile an accident has forced Dr Bashir to transplant Miles unborn from Keiko to Kira who now has to carry it to term, poor old Miles the guy recovers well but doesn't know what he is in for after the Major moves into their quarters:)
Three women and Miles
Garak had a small but significant part to play in the episode, the look on his face when Quark reveals the target for assassination is himself was priceless and to wrap it all up the station coming to Quarks aid underlined how important he is to the day to day life of DS9, just as intended by Sisko when he asked or convinced Quark to stick around.
All is revealed

Rating 9

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