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Friday, 31 August 2012

Star Trek Marathon XVI

Star Trek Marathon XVI
Season 3 Disk 2

Spectre of the Gun
Beaming down to a world which had refused them access the inhabitants are not happy and who could blame them, the Federation like many of our nations take little notice of others when their own interests are at stake. The Melkotians create a scenario from Kirk's mind and it's the Gunfight at the OK Coral which will be the means to punish the invaders. This is an excellent of an episode made to a very very tight budget but with lots of imagination and talent.
Day of the Dove
A Federation colony is destroyed with no evidence of who had committed the act of violence, soon a Klingon vessel appears with what appears to be an ongoing firefight onboard, survivors are beamed aboard and the failing ship destroyed for safety reasons. The alien entity now on the Enterprise proceeds to effect the minds of the crews and pits them against eachother using primitive weapons.
For the World is Hollow and I have Touched the Sky
A world within an asteroid is on a collision course for a Federation colony, investigating this "ship" McCoy who has been diagnosed with a fatal illness falls in love with the leader of her people who accepts that she will lose him within a year but considers it a fair trade. McCoy discovers the holy book aka operating manual  but is it too late to save himself and the world of his new people?
One of the classic Trek episodes and if nothing else deserves a medal for the episodes title, Katherine Woodville plays Natira a natural beauty and a great performance.
The Tholian Web
The Enterprise investigates the loss of the USS Defiant and when the dead ship is discovered crippled after being captured within a dimensional rip the Enterprise has to stay to recover Kirk who has phased out of our reality. Then the Tholians arrive who claim this space and begin to entrap the ship in an energy web and if completed the Enterprise will be lost. A good solid episode but the dynamic between McCoy and Spock just felt totally wrong for a third season story, far more suited to an early first season.
Plato's Stepchildren
A people blessed with strong telekinetic powers who had spent time on Earth during the peak of the Greek culture desire McCoy to stay with them to provide medical care for the odd time they needed it, they threaten Kirk and Spock as well as the crew with their powers which have run amok and use pain and humiliation to aid their cause. This episode is of course the one that went down in US telly history as having the first interracial kiss, a milestone for it's time but without that a fairly below average episode.

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