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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Farscape Blu-rays

I got my Farscape Blu-ray boxset today and by co-incidence a half decent camera, the lack of quality in the photos is no longer down to dodgy hardware but the lack of skill on my part:)
I picked up the boxset for £57 from Amazon UK fully aware of the short comings of this release but I did the math and considered the price reasonable.


TheShayneShow said...

But what is the picture and sound quality actually like ?

Jarrak said...

I acquired a MKV of the pilot ripped from the Blu-ray which sold me on the idea of double dipping. The video is certainly superior to the original DVD release I own upscaled by my SONY PS3 and/or the Blu-ray player but it doesn't compare to the native HD Stargate Atlantis presentation. Audio is a 1.5Mbps DTS which sounds very nice not that the DD5.1 on the DVD was bad.
Ultimately as a double dip this has to be one for the fans and then perhaps only if you don't already have the Starburst DVD editions.