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Friday, 28 August 2015

Into The Dire Planet by Joel Jenkins

Into the Dire PlanetInto the Dire Planet by Joel Jenkins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The ancient technologies of civilisations past hold the key to the rescue of the Muvari people subjugated by the Exile forces and Garvey Dire with a few companions makes his way to the recently discovered city of Caladrex but with one or two distractions. His much extended family have fled from the massacre of Ledgrim and are wandering the wastelands pursued by an Exile tracking party and to make matters worse a traitor is at work and is willing to do anything to protect herself even at the cost of the fall of the Muvari.
Into The Dire Planet continues the events as told in "Exiles" with multiple storylines at play within the overall events in the piece of Mars. The Exiles led by Stechter the only other human on Mars are making a huge power play with no mercy shown, the city of Caladrex is looking to be reborn in fire and the survivors of Ledgrim look for allies even when faced with scepticism from those who can not believe the city could fall, treachery is everywhere.
The Dire Planet series is great fun to read, the world it creates is full of wonders but life is very cheap and always precariously balanced yet full of unexpected surprises.

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