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Sunday, 9 August 2015

In Her Name: Forged In Flame

Forged in Flame (In Her Name: The First Empress, #2)Forged in Flame by Michael R. Hicks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forged In Flame is the second book in The First Empress trilogy of stories under the umbrella of the In Her Name series and continues the life story of Keel-Tath who is prophesied to lead her people into a new age. Her enemies and opponents (not always the same thing) watch her with caution for if her path is true then the Dark Queen will see her plans for the destruction of the worlds and the Priesthoods and their generations of control thrown to the winds.
Keel-Tath now a young female is highly skilled in combat but events conspire to open her eyes to the path she is taking, showing the strength required to move her people in a new direction she ventures alone in the world and meets both companions and enemies and discovers long hidden truths and secrets.
Forged In Flame is a fast paced story as huge battles and personal combats set against an uncertain future are played out and despite all the characters being Kreelan you never feel as if you are reading something that doesn't feel right or make complete sense. The story is a very easy read but as you would expect it benefits from being part of the bigger picture even if that is just following on from the first book "From Chaos Born".
The In Her Name series is truly an epic tale of Human and Kreelan societies and learning of the birth of the Empire as we come to know it makes extremely enjoyable reading.
I eagerly await the next book in the life story of Keel-Tath which is due very soon :)

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