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Sunday, 9 August 2015

In Her Name: Legend of the Sword

Legend of the Sword (In Her Name: The Last War, #2)Legend of the Sword by Michael R. Hicks
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Tesh-Dar second only to the Empresses herself leads her sisters against Saint Petersburg a world modelled on the Soviet society which has been secretly rearming itself in preparation for its own phase of empire building. When the newly formed Confederation hears news of the development of nuclear weaponry on Saint Petersburg coupled with a satellite world's (Riga) petition to join the Confederation and break away from the totalitarian rule the battle lines are drawn human against human until Tesh-Dar makes her appearance. In Her Name: Legend Of The Sword tells the story of the rise of Tesh-Dar from a highly skilled young warrior to becoming the High Priestess of Desh-Kar and the terrible consequences of her own weakness as she serves to not only bring honour to her Empresses but seek out the the one soul amongst the humans who shares the Bloodsong. This second book in the Second Cycle delves more into the political and social structure of the human race which adds depth to the epic tale as well as offsetting some of the carnage of both ground and space born conflicts and just as Tesh-Dar believes some of the actions may seem bizarre and well stupid they are very human, unfortunately:) A worthy addition to the In Her Name series which not only builds on existing characters but introduces some new ones, not everyone lives and not everyone dies in an heroic manner but that's probably the reality of war but we still fight because for Humans and Krellans there is no other option.

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