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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Seasonal TV Viewing - Hell On Wheels

Hell On Wheels 

Hell On Wheels is one of the shows I like to marathon mainly due to it's very strong narrative structure that really pays off if the viewer pays attention to all the little details in the over arcing story of not only each season but the whole series.
In this fourth season we learn what has befallen Cullen Bohannan while still a prisoner of the Mormon community, his wife is close to delivering his child but still the Swede is ruling with an iron silk covered fist. The railroad has hit a big problem and the government sends out a group of men to well turn things around which means the brutal enforcement of laws and regulations intended eventually to bring pretty much everything under the rule of the Washington elite, it ends in tragedy and bloodshed but as we know progress can be stalled but never stopped.
This fourth season was like those previous, epic in scope and design, the production is first rate with some truly grand vistas on display coupled with the everyday grime associated with a railroad town with no drainage or sanitation. We'll see some people rise and others fall and through it all Bohannan will seem to lead a charmed life while others pay for what are in part his mistakes.

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