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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Battlestar Galactica Rewatch ( Part 3 )

Battlestar Galactica Rewatch

The Lost Warrior

This episode kicks off with Apollo flying a solo patrol which seems a littlestrange but we'll let it go, he gets jumped by Cylons and attempts to lead
them away from the fleet only engaging when he over hears them signalling
his course to a nearby basestar. Out of fuel he crash lands on a small world
with a human population with limited technology and finds a wealthy "baron"
like guy is terrorising the farmers and townsfolk with Red Eye who turns
out to be a Cylon damaged when his ship crashed a few years earlier.
Apollo eventually gets dragged into a one on one gun fight with the Cylon
but his speed and blaster gives him the edge and all ends well.

Ok then the Cylon AI is seriously lacking at the best of times but why not blast
the Viper when you have superior numbers or capture it as we've seen
them do before. This episode also has one of my major pet peeves, how
strong do they build some space ships when they can take a battering when
crash landing or simply crashing and remain pretty much intact, it's not as if they
make use of smooth and controlled landing area.
Oh well lets move on to young Boxey having the run of the Galactica's bridge,
seriously smack him round the head and send him to school we don't need the
hallmark moment as the warriors play nice.
Never want to see that again!
The fun really starts when we get the western cliches out in force, the rancher
gambling against the uber rich baron who can buy every pot and his gunslinger
cleaning up any mess. Strangely enough it's this simply often used story which
saves the episode, forget the spaceship and lasers or the stripped horses this
is an established tale of greed, arrogance and courage with the gun guys winning.
The only real twist though is the ending, why would Apollo say he would return
when the fleet are on a very much a one way mission, that was kinda of nasty
on his part and to the young boy.
Now I'm Shiny

The Long Patrol

Starbuck volunteers for a solo long range patrol into a new area of space
to get access to the facilities on board the Rising Star and to make full
use of either Athena or Cassiopeia and somehow the fleet has retained a
money based culture useful to bribe the waiter/concierge.
Starbuck goes on the patrol and intervenes when he see a fighter attacking
a cargo ship, not really his business but he ends up losing the advanced Viper
and ending up in the local prison, not the best day but wait for it it'll get worse.
So the fleet is approaching the edge of the galaxy and moving onto another,
blimey they are not even trying to get any form of scientific reality into the plot.
Even more laughable was stating no Colonials have been this way which I
suppose is technically correct if the 13th tribe were not considered as such
but within minutes we find human life who were descendants of colonial worlds
and supported the military during the Cylon war.

I'm not sure whose idea it was to have the almost caricature of an Irish smuggler
or the fact that ultra high tech AI computer control system didn't bat an eye when
it's pilot went missing or that a well known merchant based code was not in
a Battlestars database when it no doubt did it's share of space lane management.
This was the first silly episode because it treated the audience like idiots even those
used to plot elements and stories which were secondary back for mainstream
scripted television back in the day. There really wasn't much to praise although if I
was to pick out anything the new jumpsuit was interesting although if indeed
no colonials had been out this far there would be no one out there to recognise
the regular uniform:)

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