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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Battlestar Galactica Rewatch (Part 2)

Battlestar Galactica Rewatch

The Lost Planet of the Gods (1 and 2)

The Galactica and it's fleet are merrily flying in the general direction of Earth based
on some vague notions from Adama taken from legend and scripture, resources thanks
we assume to the sacking of Carillion have sated the needs of the survivors so much
so that things seem just fine and dandy.
Wedding bells are in the air for Apollo and Serina but things start to go wrong when
two pilots skip quarantine to got to the stag party and a virus sweeps through the flight
crews. Apollo and Starbuck are the only regular pilots on duty so Adama drafts in the
women who have been training as shuttle pilots and it's up to those two to train them
for potential combat missions.
The discovery of a huge void in space gives Adama a clue to the location of Kobol the
birth place of mankind but a Cylon Basestar commanded by Baltar is tracking them but
visiting the planet is worth the risk. Adama finds what he is looking for despite Baltar
making a play for control of the fleet but Serina now married to Apollo dies in the firefight
leaving Apollo and Boxey to once again mourn a loss.
The Lost Planet of the Gods is a two parter allowing for the overlap of the pilots illness,
pursuit by Baltar and the discovery of Kobol and it all works very well, yes it's probably
a little more cheesy that the original feature but this is geared totally towards a television audience.
A few things I noted during the show was how the women were being the good housewives
and homemakers playing the fancy dinner cooks and men being surprised a women
would be capable of flying a spaceship let alone a fighter.
We also got a very healthy does of bromance as Starbuck was losing his best friend to
the female interlopa and come on the new bad guy is named Lucifer:)
I couldn't quite grasp the visual style of the void, it was far too small and looked more like a
tunnel than a vast thousands of light year spanning gap in the universe but I guess budget etc
puts the brakes on anything more impressive.

I smiled when the phrase "for Sagan's sake" was uttered and smiled even more over the
glamourous lineup of female trainee pilots, seriously all best of breed which is so television.
One thing for sure, the chain of command is pretty much just a sentence in the manual, no
one really takes a blind bit of notice and the wig on the Adama double was shocking but
hey that looked like Egypt from the long shots which if it was should be applauded.
Couldn't we have landed closer?
Of course it can't be all good news, yes Adama gets the information he needs from Kobol
and correctly surmises Baltar is once again trying to deceive but what a pity they didn't
shoot him straight away rather than spill the entire plan while he was cowering at their feet.
The loss of Serina twists the knife and you wonder why they killed her off, I guess it lets
Apollo play the field to a slightly lesser extent than Starbuck but also doesn't tie him
to the ship, you can ignore the newly acquired Boxey:)

The two episodes were much better looking picture quality wise than the initial trilogy, not
sure why since you would assume pristine masters for the theatrical version would have been
in a vault somewhere, not to worry though things seem to be looking up.

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