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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Farscape Marathon Part 15

Farscape Marathon
Season 3 Part 15

Into the Lion's Den (2): Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Getting ever closer to solving the riddle of wormholes John discovers his plan won't work
leaving Crais to come up with a drastic solution. With time running out Scorpius's plans are
derailed and the crew flee for their lives.
Wonderfully emotional episode and one of my favourites.
Dog With Two Bones
In the aftermath of the events with the Command Carrier the survivors gather to bury
their dead but meet resistance from the locals. John is hallucinating over what is and
what could be and there is a newcomer on board Moya.
Season finale.
Lions Den 2: Commentary with Rockne and David
Dog With Two Bones: Commentary with Ben and Claudia
Deleted Scenes
TV promos
Listening in with Guy Gross
Season 3 Theme with Guy Gross

The third season is probably the strongest of the four, it has a very strong arc and 
some very imaginative stories with quality acting from the established stars and
guest stars. I also feel no shame in saying I well up every time I see watch the heart 
wrenching scenes on board to carrier.

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