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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Farscape Marathon Part 11

Farscape Marathon
Season 3 Part 11

Season Of Death
Season 3 kicks off with John under the knife, Aeryn dead and all manner of double
dealing and back stabbing going on as Scorpius tracks them down even with Talon
in orbit. Well we all wondered how they would address the season 2 finale events.
Suns And Lovers
Trapped on a Commerce station which is believed to be cursed by the old gods of
the region aided by a terrorist group willing to sacrifice themselves to bring about
their beliefs. D'Argo emotionally damaged comes close to sacrificing himself but
John pulls him back from the brink.
Self Inflicted Wounds: Could'a Would'a Should'a
A vessel which can traverse a wormhole strikes Moya and merges with her.
Bound together both ships risk destruction but can the aliens be trusted.
Self Inflicted Wounds: Wait For The Wheel
Well the answer to the question above is no as the crew discover much of  Moya's
damage is ongoing thanks to sabotage by the aliens who are naturally putting their
needs ahead of Moya. A surprising turn of events made more powerful because it
came out of the blue.
...Different Destinations
While visiting an historical site which offers a glimpse into the past a tear in reality
aided by Stark causes the crew to travel back to the events and land in the middle
of a siege. They discover much of the written history is not as  accurate as they thought.
This is my not really bothered episode from this season.
Wait For The Wheel Commentary with Claudia Black
Deleted Scenes
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