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Friday, 23 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 6 Part 2

S6E12 "Like A Virgin"
The vents of the last year are kept secret from the new Sam and the boys go on the hunt
for Dragons who are targeted the pure maidens of the town. So so episode but Dean with
the sword was fun.

S6E13 "Unforgiven"
Sam starts to have flashbacks of his time on the road and then realises the town they are
in is one he had worked before and pretty much banged every wife there and assaulted a deputy.
Not a good episode but has it's place in the arc

S6E14 "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning"
A spirit is using avatars to kill men who hold a dark secret. The B plot is the continued
collapse of Dean's brief lapse into normalcy with Lisa and Ben but not enough to make
the episode worthwhile.

S6E15 "The French Mistake"
Absolutely fantastic episode as the brothers are sent into an alternate reality by Balthazar
in which the show Supernatural is real and there are no demons of angels. The brothers have
to find their feet and fight off a demon with no special powers who follows them into this world.
S6E16 "...And Then There Were None"
Samuel and Gwen find themselves tracking Eve along with Sam and Dean but one of her children
has set it's sight on them and who can you trust?

S6E17 "My Heart Will Go On"
Another excellent episode as Balthazar decides to prevent the Titanic from sinking and derail
Fate which changes the world. Ellen and Jo are still alive, there was no Titanic movie or mega
hit theme song but Castiel is faced with the choice of Dean and Sam against the souls of saved.
S6E18 "Frontierland"
A discovery into the weapon needed to fight Eve is Phoenix ash and an old journal from Samuel
Colt has him killing one back in the day, cue time travel and the boys go back to the wild west.
A fun episode with a clever twist.
S6E19 "Mommy Dearest"
Eve is located and we have the grand gesture as the brothers go after her but she has been around
and easily turns the tables on the brothers and then reveals why she is there and who she is going
after. A good episode as events unfold and home truths are revealed.

S6E20 "The Man Who Would Be King" 
A great episode with Misha able to really stretch his talents as Castiel tells his own story and how
he got himself into this situation. Perhaps the highlight of the season.

S6E21 "Let It Bleed"Crowley kidnaps Lisa and Ben to put pressure on Dean to stay out the way, Castiel has forbidden the
demon from going after Dean so obviously friends are the logical next step. Meanwhile Bobby is tracking
down a source for information on Purgatory and the two stories make for a good episode.

S6E22 "The Man Who Knew Too Much"
Sam's memories return as the wall to his soul falls and faced with his decisions he collapses and has
to work his way through it through interaction with a living memory in the form of Robin (Erica Cerra).
Castiel and Crowley faced eachother down with Raphael stepping in but it's too late and Purgatory has
been found and a new God is proclaimed.

The sixth season got off to a slow start, it was a little disjointed as they all found their feet but a few episodes in the well oiled machine really started to hum. There were some duff episodes but there were also some top notch episodes but the finale really wasn't the intense ride I think we deserved but you can't argue about the quality of the Cas/Crowley scenes.

Roll on season 7 which premieres in the US tonight (23rd).

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