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Monday, 12 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 4 part 4

S4E19 "Jump The Shark"
Do Sam and Dean have a brother?
Interesting idea and episode title, quite clever but not a great episode.

S4E20 "The Rapture"
Castiel's back story or rather the man who gave him his body.
Very enjoyable and a rather touching story.
S4E21 "When The Levee Breaks"
Dean and Bobby have taken drastic measures to counter Sam's dependence
upon Demon blood even if the results may make the difference in preventing
Lucifer from escaping hell.
A solid build up to the season finale.
S4E22 "Lucifer Rising"
There is only one seal left to break and it's the first Demon that Lucifer
created whilst still and Angel. Sam armed with uber demon blood is gunning
for Lilith along with Ruby even to the point of seriously crossing the line in
terms of dealing with possessed humans. Dean meanwhile has been taken out the
game by the Angels who have chosen a different approach to the Apocalypse.
Surprisingly Demon Cindy (Juliana Wimbles) steals the show from Lilith and Ruby.
Excellent season finale, shocking and intense.
Commentary - When the Levee Breaks & Lucifer Rising
Gag Reel
Extended & Deleted Scenes