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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Supernatural Marathon Season 4 Part 3

S4E13 "After School Special"
The past and present collide when the boys investigate incidents of possession
in and around a public school one of the many they themselves attended briefly.
Alas the first episode I skipped after a couple of minutes.

S4E14 "Sex and Violence"
Men are murdering their wives and it seems the connection are strippers or at least
something posing as an exotic dancer. The problem of course is how do you track
something that can appear as a person you would totally accept and trust?
Oh and Dean is delighted his job lets him work around strippers:)
S4E15 "Death Takes a Holiday"
In a small town people are not dying even when suffering from fatal wounds or afflictions.
It all points to an attempt to break a seal by Lilith and without a reaper then there is no death.
Top notch episode with a couple of recurring characters.
S4E16 "On The Head Of A Pin"
Demons versus Angels and everyone against Sam and Dean.
Bloody brilliant episode.
S4E17 "It's a Terrible Life"
A different Sam and Dean lead ordinary lives working for corporation but
there are things going on and the question is asked will their defining
characteristics overcome whatever influence is being exerted on them.

S4E18 "The Monster At The End Of This Book"
Another cracking episode as the boys learn of a man who is writing their life
stories including events as yet to come. It has it's fair share of humour
and darkness something Supernatural has become well known for.
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