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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Star Brigade: Quartet by C.C. Ekeke

Star Brigade: Quartet (Star Brigade Books 1-4)Star Brigade: Quartet by C.C. Ekeke
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I read the first Star Brigade novel a few years ago and then a collection of the short stories and a few weeks back noticed the promotion for a four novel collection, it was pretty much a no brainer to purchase and delve once again into the world of Star Brigade.
The galaxy as it stands is controlled by various empires and humanity is a major player in the Union however Earth has long since gone having been accidentally wiped of life by the Korvenites who then had their homeworld taken from them in recompense. Unbeknown to most the Korvenite survivors are now treated as a slave labour force and their mental abilities controlled by suppressors and a freedom/terrorist faction rises amongst them and battles for the return of their homeworld. Star Brigade a force in decline finds itself in the center of the battle to save a world and bring justice to a race. That is the very basic story of the first two novels (Resurgent and Maelstrom) and the third and fourth (Supremacy and Ascendant) sees Star Brigade sent to handle a burgeoning civil war which could have galactic ramifications. The collection also features a number of short stories set in and around the novels which add even more value to what is a superb collection of science fiction. The characters created by Charles are strong and complex and still sufficiently larger than life to allow their feats using their "maxim" abilities to ring true without falling into the realm of fantasy. The Political framework of the stories adds a little more structure to hang the plot elements on and also allows the covert and intelligence complications to have free reign.
I've been delighted to get back into Star Brigade and annoyed I lost track of the novels for a while but looking forward to their further adventures which given the growth of the military force within the novels and the relationships of the characters creating a wonderfully entertaining world will hopefully not be too long .

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