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Sunday, 4 March 2018

Chronicle Worlds: B-Movie

Chronicle Worlds: B-Movie (Future Chronicles Book 16)Chronicle Worlds: B-Movie by Samuel Peralta
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My latest dip into the collection of anthologies under the Future Chronicles banner deals with the good old "B-Movie" genre and the authors who contributed work really let themselves have fun. This anthology contains nine stories with subjects covering the whole spectrum from Invading Aliens, Vengeful Spirits, Kungfu Mummies and of course Clowns. I enjoyed every single story and that has to be perhaps the best recommendation I can give, they were all different but entertaining and Samuel can be proud of putting together this anthology.

  • Plagued by Matthew Stott
  • Bubbles by Eamon Ambrose
  • Friendship is Forever by Jessica West
  • Gorillabot vs Mermaids from Neptune by Christopher J. Valin
  • Nightmare by Stefan Bolz
  • Attack of the Kung-Fu Mummies by Daniel Arthur Smith
  • The Legends of Boone Ridge by Artie Cabrera
  • Jeffboy at the Drive-In by Forbes West
  • Drop Bears by S. Elliot Brandis

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