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Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Search for Orion

The Search for Orion (Nemesis, #2)The Search for Orion by Saxon Andrew
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Search for Orion continues the universe spanning action adventure which never lets up, seriously no character in this series ever gets any rest unless they get killed and even that that's no guarantee. So the Earth had pretty much extracted their revenge on the Raiders who were the dominant known race in the galaxies but alas they've used their military strength to carve out an empire of their own committing as many atrocities as the Raiders ever did. Decisions have to be made and once again questions have to be asked and answered, the truth has yet to be revealed about the destruction of Avalon and the pattern continues as those with power are prepared to do anything to both maintain it and expand it.
This was a fun read, yes it was a little over the top and can not be considered as serious scifi but that's fine, I knew what I was getting after the first novel so came away from this one very satisfied and pretty sure I will be checking out other novels from Saxon Andrew, my reading list has room for all shades of science fiction.

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