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Sunday, 21 September 2014

My Random Journey Through Trek #15

The Next Generation

S4 Reunion

A Klingon battle cruiser hails the Enterprise, onboard is Ambassador K'Ehleyr who has a little surprise of Worf in the form of a young boy, their son. She also informs Picard he has been chosen to act as the arbitrator of the Klingon succession to the head of the council, he is reluctant but as the current chancellor informs him to refuse would be an insult against the Klingon Empire but as treachery is involved and the Duras family the Federation needs to keep their eye on the situation. The two rivals for the council leadership meet and a bomb goes off and the investigation reveals that Romulan technology was part of the design and both Picard and Worf know of at least one Klingon family who have links to that empire. K'Ehleyr suspicious of Duras and more so of Worf and his refusal to talk about his prior dealings with the council learns the truth and she is murdered by Duras and in Klingon tradition despite his outcast status the face she was Worf's mate and mother to his son he gains access to Duras and in a duel kills him. Worf then dumps Alexander on his parents back on Earth and Gowron is given leadership of the Klingon high council and Worf has to accept that he may have followed Klingon tradition but he betrayed the trust of Starfleet and his Captain.
K'mpec played by Charles Cooper
So I glanced at the wiki before watching this episode and of course there is Alexander and my spirits fell but I pressed play and settled in to watch the episode. Of course it all came flooding back and even some of the Worf family drama failed to take the shine off an excellent piece of drama which drew upon what little they had written of Worf's back story and more so of the Klingons. It's also worth noting that the makeup department have really nailed the prosthetics of creating Klingons, even K'Ehleyr ( Suzie Plakson ) looked ok, the boy as well. Duras was wonderfully slimy but hats off to Robert O'Reilly who played Gowron with such an under-stated manner it emphasised his power and we all know we are going to see more of the wild eyed one in the future.
Reunion proved to be an excellent episode for the Klingon story line and a strong episode for Worf, it underlines his ongoing struggle to balance his human upbringing with his Klingon nature and pushes him into new directions as he has to deal with a son who will be affected by the decisions he has and will make. Picard handles this situation well, strength and control in a potential mine field which again pays off in the years to come and of course more Romulan shenanigans:)
A great episode, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Rating   9

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