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Saturday, 6 September 2014

My Random Journey Through Trek #12


S7 Nightingale

Well I guess there is no reason why a random number generator would give the next number up from it's previous calculations so that means another episode of Voyager the episode which was aired the week after my 11th random trek episode:)

So in Nightingale Voyager has landed on a planet for a week long overhaul and despite Harry's little adventure last week he along with Seven is once again in the flyer looking this time for dilithium but ends up in a shooting war between two ships, snowed by we're a poor medical ship he gets involved and seizes the opportunity to take command. To be honest I'm always amazed how Starfleet personnel can immediately understand and manipulate alien computers and technology, nothing phased Harry, at least for a while.

Meanwhile the other party in the small conflict has befriended Voyager and is dealing in good faith but for reasons best explained by Janeway she lets Harry go off on an extended adventure and well what do you know these new "friends" were not exactly telling the truth and at the end of the day we really don't know if either of the two races/societies were being totally honest. Oh and Icheb has misunderstood B'Elanna's attempts at being friendly and bringing him into the fold for a romantic interest, oh the humour.
Familiar design but new paintjob
Nightingale is a pretty forgettable episode in fact it took a while before I even remembered what was going on, both plots are weak but at least the CGI was upto spec although the composite of Voyager on the planet lacked any real polish. Nice to see Ron Glass guest starring as well, known to me now from his time on Firefly.
Rating  3

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