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Sunday, 17 June 2012

A few of my Ipad Apps

I've had the Ipad3 for a couple of weeks now, it's got a nice light weight and slim case to protect it for day to day use/travel as well as a renewable thin plastic screen guard which makes it safer to clean the sticky finger prints off which do tend to build up.
I've added some of the basic apps such as Facebook, Twitter and also installed GetGlue, LastPass, Skype, Tweetdeck, Youtube, IMDB, iBooks, Angry Birds and Spotify. 
Some of the extra gems so far both free and pay include...
Dark Horse Digital
Stargate Episode Guide
Star Trek PADD

Black Horse


Stargate Episode Guide
TV Catchup
I am still looking for a decent podcast app, not overly impressed with itunes on the ipad more it's integration with my much more expansive desktop/home networked install, I need something cleaner and more exclusive to downloading and playing podcasts. 
With a few weeks under my belt I'm still loving the ipad, it's display is fantastic and the audio quality very good for a device this size, the battery life is also very usable just a shame there are no wifi hotspots where I work, the O2 3G works fine for a price:)

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