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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Farscape Marathon Part 16

Farscape Marathon
Season 4 Part 16

Lovely widescreen.
Crichton Kicks
Rescued by an ageing Leviathan after Moya was swallowed by a wormhole John
has explored the equations in his mind and is close to solving the puzzle.
A pod crashes into the ship carrying Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu played
by Raelee Hill and hot on her trail are people who harvest Leviathans.

 What Was Lost: Sacrifice
Reunited with D'Argo and Ju on and a world long empty of life John discovers hints of a 

past but he is surrounded by people looking to exploit the secrets for their own ends.

 What Was Lost: Resurrection
Still under the thumb of the Peacekeepers a reckless plan is hatched and in turn the 

secret of the planet is revealed and the face of the galaxy changes. This is a game 

changing episode even if we really don't realise it at the time, the big pay off comes 

with Peacekeeper Wars.

 Lava's A Many Spendored Thing
A weak standalone episode as the crew get involved with thieves and their 

horde of booty.

Moya and Aeryn return with a surprise in two.
The happy reunion is short lived when an alien vessel a rather big one arrives and it's 

commander wants Aeryn for crimes committed which she was away  from John and 

company. Meanwhile the Peacekeepers are deploying a new weapon designed to kill 

Leviathans but leave the crew intact.

Deleted Scenes
Listening in with Guy Gross

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