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Friday, 25 December 2009


Well we are well into christmas afternoon and the yummy family dinner is settling down and to be honest if I hadn't got up from the comfy chair and gone on to the computer I would probably be napping right now:)
Santa bought me soaks and boxers so that's the basics done plus some stocking fillers (car care, dark chocolate) but the point of the holidays is giving and me dad liked his Homer Simpson talking bottle opener.

Holiday TV viewing started off with Sandra Bullock in While you were Sleeping, love that movie and Kiss Me Kate was playing during and after the dinner, again a sucker for a classic musical.
I'll record Dr Who in HD tonight since I am sure we'll have at least one "unexpected" visitor who will take a shine to the booze I bought for myself but no plans for tomorrow, well their is a family get together but show me face and then sneak out:)

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