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Saturday, 19 December 2009

3D Blu-ray

The Blu consortium have finally ratified the required specifications for incorporating 3D content on to the existing Blu-ray format. The encoding uses an extension to the existing H.264 codec but carries around a 50% overhead in terms of bandwidth requirement while maintaining backwards compatibility, glasses will be required.
Not surprisingly SONY have made sure the existing PS3 is an approved system, can you imagine a Blu-ray 3D format that was outside of the capabilities of the PS3, ahh global corporate politics:)

Personally I delighted to find the latest consumer electronic whizz bang offering to be of zero interest, I've been a very expensive early adopter of Nicam, Laserdisc, DVR's, HD DVD and Blu-ray so I'll sit back and laugh at the money spent to bring a cinema gimmick to the home.


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