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Sunday, 23 November 2008

PS3 etc

Well my new UK spec 80gig PS3 arrived yesterday and it's all up and running now. I have TVersity running on the PC which in conjunction with the console is acting as a media server, it's just such a more user friendly way to play PC based content on the Plasma.
The PS3 package I went for cost £289 (Amazon) and included a HDMI cable and Motorstorm:Pacific Rift so a decent price although knowing my luck the chancellor will reduce VAT in the budget.

Streaming media aside the standalone player for Blu-ray is also so much better to use and I've been able to get a good way into Chuck.

Bad news at least for me is the cancellation of Eli Stone and Pushing Daises, two of my favourite shows from last season but if truth be told they have both a lost a little on their second seasons.

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