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Saturday, 22 November 2008

Mini Reviews

It's mini review time for movies I've watched recently.

Well what a let down this was, great idea and at the beginning Will Smith nailed the indifferent and reckless superhero character down pat but really as the plot developed it was just meh, not interesting at all.
Well I loved the trailer but as you know sometimes the trailer shows all the good stuff and in this case the supporting story of the movie simply wasn't strong enough to carry the already seen action footage.
Well I'd heard good and bad about the story (not the CGI of course which was incredible) so wasn't sure what to expect. I have to say now that I simply loved it, as always Pixar gets the characters just right and I really felt for Wall-E and Eve and was quite happy with the soft cell environmental over tones.
The Happening
That sucked bigtime, very interesting idea but who have a toss, it was just bad.
Iron Man
Kick ass action superhero movie. A brilliant cast, spot on origin story and a main plot that actually was good enough to carry the second half of the movie.

For those that are interested Wall-E is currently being offered in HMV's 2 for £25 Blu-ray promotion, not a bad price for a brand new release.

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