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Saturday, 4 December 2021

Borg Advent Cube Week 1

Borg Cube Advent Calendar 

Week 1

Did I need this, well no I didn't but I did want it so here we are ☺

Day 1

Well they didn't open big but any Trek fan would see this playing card set as worthwhile.

Day 2
Pins are quite popular now so a solid reward unless you already have this one.

Day 3
Now this was impressive, feels very solid and looks like it's worth more than you would expect.

Day 4
An art print on well sturdy paper entitled "Vashti" which I figured out was from Picard.

Day 5
It was inevitable that socks would be involved somewhere...

Day 6
They are doubling down on Pins which if you like that sort of thing is great.

Day 7
Original Series Coasters, quite nice and well made.

So that is the first week over with. A couple of nice items, a couple of well ok fair enough and two that I know many collectors will love. Overall positive given I knew we were not going to wowed by the items at the calendars price point.

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