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Sunday, 8 August 2021

Drake's Drum by Christopher G. Nuttall


Drake's Drum (Ark Royal Book 17)Drake's Drum by Christopher G. Nuttall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Drake's Drum is the final novel in this specific trilogy of stories which are part of the Ark Royal series written by Christopher G. Nuttall. This novel continues the story of the very alien virus that has the ability to control its biological hosts to the point of encompassing whole civilisations and now Earth and its colonies are close to the abyss. Fortunately a very industrialised world (Alien Prime) was located which it is believed could be the viruses original homeworld and if not certainly the logistical center for its campaign against humanity. Alas the powers that be are bowing to pressure to keep the navies directly protecting Earth despite knowing a defensive posture will fail given time so the Royal Navy (well individuals within) go it alone and dispatch Captain Hammond (HMS Lion) and Captain Campbell (HMS Unicorn) to once again take the now proven Battlecruiser and Corvette concept to "Alien Prime" and launch and long term and long range operation using mass drivers and rail guns combined with stealth and constant movement to weaken the enemy. There may even be some reinforcements (human and from our alien allies) but that will depend upon the political will of the major powers but for now the virus has to be slowed down.
Drake's Drum was a fine novel to wrap up the story of humanity and its encounter with the alien virus as well the individual characters within this phase of human history. Like many navel heroes of the past Hammond and Campbell both far from perfect individuals will be remembered but many more people played their parts and this trilogy did expand upon those type of characters more so than previous novels for the better in my opinion. Christopher has already announced the idea behind a new batch of novels within the Ark Royal series and if you have read this book then you would have guesses where he was going to take us going forward and I'm looking forward to the journey.

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