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Sunday, 12 July 2020

Underdogs by Geonn Cannon

Underdogs (Underdogs, #1)Underdogs by Geonn Cannon
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's not always easy making a living at least an ethical and legal one being a small time PI but Ariadne Willow has an edge and is making the most of it. She is what is known as a canidae which means she can when required turn into a Wolf but retain her intelligence, it comes in handy for surveillance work that's for sure. Hired by the immensely wealthy matriarch of an old money family to spy on the wayward daughter and confirm her recent visit to rehab has taken old is to coin a phrase a walk in the park but the motives behind the job and some very shady individuals orbiting the young woman do not bode well.
This is only the second novel from Geonn that I have read, the previous being an original licensed book based on the Stargate television series. Quite pleased I took a chance on one of his original works as the story and character of Ariadne was compelling more so with her close relationship with her friend and business partner Dale Frye. As you may expect being friends both personal and business with a woman who can turn into a wolf could prove tricky especially those late night calls to come pick them up in the middle of nowhere.
The characters were as indicated written well and the mystery/detective element kept me reading, the few twists in the narrative were well placed and unexpected both driving the plot and keeping the reader invested. I'm looking forward to continuing this series with "Beware of Wolf".

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