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Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Man Who Broke the Moon

The Man Who Broke the Moon: A Space Opera AdventureThe Man Who Broke the Moon: A Space Opera Adventure by Michael James Ploof
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Captain Jason Eriksson was a hero to many and alas a mass murder to the rest (there was no real middle ground when it came to opinions on his actions during the conflict between Earth and the Moon colony). Now retired and living the life on Saint Croix along with his, well companion is too strong a word as is advisor or protector but the artificial PAL 2000 (robot) attempts to keep Jason from doing anything too drastic, he fails quite often. This was one of those times as Jason is dodging the murderous intent of the local crime/drug kingpin who took offense at Jason screwing his wife. Events however catch up with Jason as he is called back into service to command the very latest in starship technology (a lot lifted from alien tech) and to go make contact in their home system thanks to alien FTL tech and if that went poorly then to make sure Earth would never be troubled again. Some would say Jason and his crew were the best the Earth had, others would say the most expendable but always accompanied by his nightmares of lost family, decisions that led to millions dying and guilt enough for the whole world Jason and his people fly into the unknown.
The Man Who Broke The Moon pretty had me at the title, I was always going to read a novel with such a grandiose and pulpy title and over all it was enjoyable. Jason being a tormented character with a death wish it has to be said was interesting and those around him fleshed out to give the narrative some meat on its bones. I have to say I liked the second half of the novel more than the first, the time on the ship and the discoveries made were fascinating and tipped the balance on choosing to buy the second novel in the series when it is released.

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