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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Shield of the Gods by Christopher L. Bennett

Department of Temporal Investigations: Shield of the Gods (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)Department of Temporal Investigations: Shield of the Gods by Christopher L. Bennett
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm not a regular reader of current Star Trek related novels and certainly not those dealing with the Department of Temporal Investigations but I liked the blurb for this novel and thought I would give it a go. Overall I enjoyed the story, the plot elements that linked to original series and Gary Seven were satisfying and you can never really go wrong with time travel in scifi. That is perhaps why when they paid a big nod to a scene from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure I burst out laughing, I was in the canteen at work at the time so got a few "looks". The story itself deals with a theft of some highly advanced and classified time tech from the vaults of the DTI by an individual who may have come from the future, the agents investigate leading them across space and time to an event that change events on a galactic scale. The narrative embraces the more personal aspects of the characters giving a little more weight to the events and that I think that made a huge difference to my enjoyment of the novel. I would probably have got more out of it if I was familiar with this part of the Trek franchise but still a good story, well written and entertaining.

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