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Sunday, 29 October 2017

Cauldron of Fire by Jay Allan

Cauldron of Fire (Blood on the Stars #5)Cauldron of Fire by Jay Allan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cauldron of Fire is the fifth novel in the Blood on the Stars series and as you would expect continues the ongoing story of the conflict between the three main powers in this particular area of the galaxy. The Union and Confederation are pretty much stalemated at this point but the political establishment of the Confederation seeing growing discontent within the populace are looking to strike quick and hard to finish the Union once and for all. Of course the Admirals know that what minor positives will be brought forward by committing major assets are overshadowed by chances of a disaster which mounts as supply lines extend and they dive deeper into Union space. They also know that the Union are secretly backing the coup that has fractured the Alliance, if the Union secure control/influence of that huge military force then the Confederation will be destroyed between two fronts.
Commodore Barron and his highly respected Dauntless with other destroyer support are supporting the genuine government of the Alliance in this civil war but know that in time they will lose unless they do something rather unexpected.
Cauldron Of Fire continues the excellent military scifi storytelling we've come to expect from Jay Allan and builds upon characters we already know as well as introducing others to add more depth and flavour to the story. The combat both in space and on the ground is compelling and exciting and leaves us wanting more and combine that with the investment in the character then you are onto a winner. Fortunately the sixth novel in the series "Dauntless" is due early in the new year.

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