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Monday, 17 July 2017

Space Team by Barry J. Hutchison

Space TeamSpace Team by Barry J. Hutchison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cal Carver a relatively harmless conman/grifter is due to spend the next couple of years at a low security prison but ends up at a state facility and is unable to charm the warden, infact quite the opposite. Cal won't be transferred until he has spent a night sharing a cell with a convicted murdered and cannibal and that actually turns out not to be the worst thing to happen to him over the next few days. So the prison is attacked by a well armed and professional group that night, yes most of humanity never see another day and Cal is dumped pretty much head first into a situation that actually favours his skills and allows him to survive and then the real adventure begins.
I came across Space Team as a recommendation after reading Pew! Pew! - Sex, Guns, Spaceships... Oh My! and knowing nothing about Space Team than the blurb opened it up (well on my kindle) and pretty much decided I would be purchasing the whole series after just the first chapter. Yes this novel is that funny and while humour is certainly subjective the cast of characters, their interactions and the ridiculous situations they get themselves into (and out of) are just too entertaining to describe. I can not recommend this novel too highly if you are looking for some hilarious and even silly at times well structured and written space humour yet retaining a solid scifi foundation which keeps the novel from crossing into the spoof category.
I have indeed purchased the five other novels in the series and have no doubt that I will enjoy them immensely.

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