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Sunday, 7 February 2016

Sir Apropos of Nothing

Sir Apropos of Nothing (Sir Apropos of Nothing, #1)Sir Apropos of Nothing by Peter David
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sir Apropos of Nothing was not a book I went looking for although as a Trek novel fan I do tend to look at the other work of its authors and follow them on social media. This was how I first became aware of Sir Apropos of Nothing and decided to give it a go and boy was that a great decision.
The story takes the usual tropes of a low born young man who through force of will, effort, coincidence and plain good luck raises through the ranks of the society he lives in. The main difference here is that you really have to decide if Apropos is a good guy or not, he's certainly a broken individual (his physical limitations, birthing and status made sure of that) but he tends to keep doing the right thing for maybe all the wrong reasons. You see his mother believed in destiny and it's hard to argue after she witnesses the death and birth of a Phoenix and while she herself has a hard life never doubt that everything she did was to give her son every chance, of course Apropos only really really understands that long after she has passed on. Never fear though, the loss of his mother spurred him into his grand adventure dealing with Kings, Queens, Knights and oh yes the very opinionated and arrogant princess who may just more crazy and dangerous than everyone else combined.
After I finished Sir Apropos of Nothing I immediately went to buy the second and third novels in the series but alas they are not offered as ebooks and the prices for new copies of printed media were quite high. I have yet to decide if I can justify the cost but I would certainly love to read them and perhaps that is the best recommendation I can give:)

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