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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Blood And Fire

Blood and FireBlood and Fire by David Gerrold
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Star Wolf under the command of Captain Parsons has been assigned the mission of investigating a distress beacon sent out by the research vessel Norway and it seems that ship was involved in highly classified work. Commander Korie once again denied command of the Star Wolf has been enjoying himself working with the new Captain and the ship has maintained it's hard fought for efficiency and camaraderie. However the secrets the Norway holds will test the limits of the Star Wolf and her crew and questions will be asked and the answers could turn the tide of the war with the Morethans either way.
Blood and Fire is the final novel in the trilogy and continues the story of the Star Wolf and Commander Korie, there are no deep space combat missions in this story but the crew are faced with their most dangerous foe and they have to protect not only their bodies but their souls as well. This was a very satisfying conclusion to the three book series by David Gerrold although I won't deny I do want to know what happened next but that itch may never get scratched so for now I'm delighted I've been able to enjoy the adventures of the Star Wolf.

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