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Saturday, 4 April 2015

My Random Journey Through Trek #30

The Cloud

An early Voyager episode and a basic story plot that we've seen before in the franchise so it doesn't bode well. The mixed crew with alien additions is starting to settle down but energy requirements means less use of the replicator so when a nebula is discovered which could aid in that respect they set course for as Janeway says " there's coffee in that nebula". An organic based substance within the nebula reacts to the ship's thrusters and to evade it's clutches they use a torpedo to break loose which leaves the ship damaged and the nebula nebula which they discover is a life form. The Doctor realises the nebula can self heal but it can not bridge the huge gap caused by the torpedo and a solution is presented to use the Voyager as a partial suture and by emitting nucleonic radiation aid in the healing process. After a few hiccups they use the nebulas inherent circulatory system to get them close to the wound without using the ships power and they use the nucleonic radiation to knit the wound together escaping moments before it closes.

The Doctor The Outsider
I have to admit I fell asleep during this episode, yes it was late and a workday following but it still says a lot about the episode and the reworking of a old Trek storyline. That side it was a good base for some character development although that was pretty hit and miss as well mind you they underlined how freaking annoying Neelix was as well the alienation of the Doctor and the beliefs of Chakotay in particular. It was amusing to see the bun of steel and how nervous B'Elanna was in her new position and right from the go we get Harry being slapped down, some things change and some don't. Again how bloody annoying was Neelix from his alternative coffee option to the belief he had a right to jump enter the bridge and demand to leave the ship, even Kes (not my favourite character) was more than willing to slap some sense into him. Oh "Chez Sandrine" the holodeck get away from it all, how fortunate the Intrepid class starship has independent secondary power for such a luxury.
No liquid should gloop
The Cloud is not a good episode even allowing for the missteps many shows make in their first seasons but even though Voyager isn't my first choice in Trek viewing there are far stronger episodes to come and as always you put up with the weaker ones because even The Cloud has some decent bits of dialogue.
Rating 3

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