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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Rewatch Part 3

Vegas In Space

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
Episode 5

A young woman Felina Redding is kidnapped by rivals of her employer as she has seen some critical data that will allow them to undermine the criminal operation she is unknowingly involved in. Her employer the often investigated by never proved crime lord Amos Armat approaches the Dr Huer with an offer, rescue the girl and he will turn over all his records which include the smuggling, slave trading, extortion etc etc he has been involved in and as a bonus the specs for the latest design of Hatchett fighter that is proving to be too good for the Earth's Starfighters. Buck along with Major Marla Landers go undercover at the huge gambling city that is run by the criminal syndicate controlled by Morgan Velosi and who is responsible for the kidnapping. Buck is in heaven out playing the computer based gambling machines and befriends a hostess Tangie but the mission eventually is discovered and they have to fight their way out of the tightly controlled city with the help of Tangie and with the successful rescue Armat provides the proof and data he agreed to and we find that for his daughter he would sacrifice everything.
Buck with Tangie
Vegas In Space was entertaining but lets go into a little more detail. Loved the kettle drums in the opening sequences, very 2001 and really added value to the show, a nice callback (and money saving idea) to continue with the Hatchett fighters but with new operating software which was also central to the plot. How great was it to see Cesar playing the bad guy of course but really grabbing the scenes he was in and of course Alicia became a familiar face from the more popular US soaps and really hit the mark with her scream not to mention looking stunning. I did think it was a little much that Buck was practicing his putting in his room with a hole in the floor, not sure how sensible that was but of then Wilma appeared in the spandex and well everything else became background:) I'm pretty sure it was Major Landers who went on the mission with Buck because Wilma couldn't get out of those pants fast enough to join him but interesting at this stage to sideline a lead actor.
Landers in disguise with Velosi
I loved the idea that computers couldn't cheat, poor deluded fools and of course surely card counting was not reintroduced to this century by Buck Rogers but good to know prostitutes and indentured slaves are still a viable proposition as we see with Tangie showing quite a bit of skin for a family scifi show. The rescue was pretty well done, it relied on the stupidity of the goons of course and some strange designs of the complex with no sound proofing, two doors on private rooms but not to worry. I laughed myself silly wondering where Tangie was supposed to hide the blaster, there are limits and Buck seemed to have little regard to casualties when blowing up the hidden charges he had placed earlier. Finally we get the conclusion with Felina meeting Amos and the bargain being honoured and we learn why he was willing to sacrifice everything, family it seems despite his own terrible crimes meant something to him and the line "Good, it's best that you don't" sums up the episode nicely.

A fun episode with a nice idea behind it despite the cheese with Buck being the gifted one bringing his "human" touch to this world computerised gambling systems, he thinks for himself as he says but it's basically a variant of card counting. An excellent line up of guest actors starting with Cesar Romero playing Amos Armat and Richard Lynch as Morgan Velosi, Juanin Clay played Maj Marla Landers, Pamela Susan Shoop played Tangie and Ana Alicia was Felina Redding.

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